It’s the age old question that every fashionista faces when receiving a Wedding invitation – can I wear out my no-fail, classic little black dress?

Traditionally, it was seriously taboo to wear black, a colour generally associated with funerals, to a Wedding, but these days, the rules are a little more relaxed. To make sure you don’t suffer from a Wedding faux pas, we’ve not only spoken with Jos from Dresses For Hire to get her five must-knows when it comes to dark dressing, but we’ve compiled some of our favourite Wedding guest looks.

1. Is it a Day Wedding?

Jos says the first thing you should ask yourself is whether the Wedding is a day Wedding (ie. a brunch, lunch or afternoon tea-style reception), as for these types of soirees, black is still generally a no-go. “Day Weddings are all about feminine colour and prints, so I wouldn’t recommend pulling out a black dress for this one!” says Jos. If you have to go for a dark colour, choose a navy or scarlet.

8All dresses available from Dresses For Hire

2. Is it Black Tie?

Because, if it is, there’s good news Fairies! Black is not only acceptable, but it comes highly recommended! Black tie is the most formal of the Wedding dress codes, so wearing a floor-length black gown like these ones from Lyst is an uber-chic way to look like a million bucks. If you’re going for an all-black gown, then don’t underestimate the importance of accessories. Fine jewellery works best for an elegant occasion, so pull out your favourite studs and pendant and get ready to shimmer all night long!

4Saint Laurent | Miu Miu | Christopher Kane all available from Lyst

3. Focus on the Silhouette

Jos says that the colour of your dress is not as important as the cut or the style, so if you have decided on a black outfit, make sure it passes these other ‘dress tests’ too. Is it above the knee? If it is, proceed with caution. Is it low-cut? If it’s too risqué to wear it to your grandparent’s house, it’s too risqué for a Wedding. What sort of underwear do you wear with it? You’ve got to be comfortable enough to let loose on the dance floor!

5All dresses available from Dresses For Hire

4. What Are the Bridesmaids Wearing?

Another huge Wedding faux pas is wearing similar outfits to the Bridal Party, so before you don your LBD (little black dress), ask around to make sure that the Bridesmaids aren’t being dressed in black gowns and save yourself any embarrassment. If they are wearing your favourite hue, don’t stress – there are so many gorgeous alternatives, like forest green, patterned or black and white.

6All dresses available from Dresses For Hire

5. Accessorise

The biggest rule when it comes to wearing black to a Wedding is to accessorise with big, bold and colourful pieces. Not only will your accessories soften your look, but it’s also a chance for you to have some fun!

7Charlotte OlympiaSelf Portrait | Aquazurra all available from Lyst

Main image from photo.gala.fr

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