It’s an age-old question for Wedding guests all around the world: how much do I spend on a Wedding gift?

Spend too much and you could look like you’re showing off; spend too little and you can appear stingy. It really is a marital minefield, but we’ve got the three questions you need to ask yourself which will give you the answer.

1. What’s My Guess-timate?

The first step to figuring out how much to give is to estimate how much the Bride and Groom are spending per head. For example, if the Wedding is at a seriously flash venue in the CBD, it might be between $170 – $300 per person for the dinner and drinks; however, it could be as low as $70 for a cocktail or brunch reception.

We recommend that you aim to at least cover the cost of your (and your parnter’s) meals and beverages for the night, so estimating this is the best starting point.

2. Are We Close?

If it’s a good friend, close relative or someone you really care about, it’s probably best to try and contribute an extra $50 or so – on top of the amount to cover your meal. However, if it’s a colleague or distant relation, this isn’t a necessity.

3. What Are My Finances Like?

Don’t be unrealistic; if your answer to question #1 was more than a few hundred and you’re seriously strapped for cash, don’t stress. It’s highly unlikely that the Bride and Groom will hold a grudge against you for not taking out a short-term loan to give them more cash – in fact, they’ll probably be mortified that you’ve put yourself in financial hardship for them!

Ultimately, your wishing well gift could be anywhere from $75 to $1,000 – but a good average to work with is $125 per person.

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