Meet Olivia. Olivia is a Bridesmaid in her cousin’s October Wedding and she’s concerned about the way the Bridesmaid dress is going to look on her – especially because her size-12 figure will be next to her two size-six sisters who are also Bridesmaids!

The Bridesmaid dress is a gorgeous bone-coloured gown with a plunging neckline, high split and cinched waist. The silk fabric clings to the lower body, which is giving Olivia some serious anxiety!

The whole ‘losing a dress size’ wouldn’t be so much of an issue if Olivia didn’t hate going to the gym and didn’t love eating family-sized packets of salt and vinegar chips (let’s be honest, Olivia is all of us!).

1Olivia is the brunette on the far left of all the pics.

Olivia’s been given a goal to drop AT LEAST two dresses sizes in a measly eight weeks – without sweating it up in a gym or resorting to crash diets and she’s letting us follow her (very relatable) journey.

We partnered with HYPOXI, a scientifically-proven weight loss method that will help you lose up to 35 centimetres from your tummy, butt, hips and thighs in just a few weeks.

All Olivia has to do is head over to her local HYPOXI studio three times a week for less than an hour and sit in the machines while she catches up on episodes of The Bachelor, or reads the latest gossip magazines – sounds too good to be true? This is what she says…

“For the first 20 minutes, you pretty much lay in a giant wetsuit that’s hooked up to a hose, which then sucks out the air and moulds to your body. Then the bubbles start. I describe it like being inside a champagne bottle – it’s flippin’ amazing! I could easily nod off in that thing. The reason for it is that it brings blood to your ‘problem’ areas and oxygenates it, so that it’s easier to target cellulite and metabolise fat. This means that the next 30 minutes of exercise you do will be THREE times more effective.”


After the first machine (scientifically known as the HYPOXIdermology, but herein referred to as ‘the champagne bottle’), Olivia jumps into another machine called the L250 that uses vacuum technology while she slowly pedals to burn the fat from her thighs, butt, hips and tummy. It’s like a light Sunday afternoon bike ride… except you’re laying down! And it’s all completely natural!

Now, because we know how much our Fairies love a freebie, HYPOXI is giving you all a free trial session, so you AND your entire Bridal party can experience it for yourself without handing over a single penny.

Main image from Julia Howell.

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