5 things you need to do if you’re wearing a mermaid-cut wedding dress

If you’ve chosen a mermaid-cut wedding gown, congratulations! This style is one of the sexiest and most timeless options for brides. The silhouette is contoured to the body, structured to give you the perfect hourglass shape and at the knees the gown flows out to the floor.

However, with this gown, comes great responsibility. So, here are the five things you need to do before slipping into your dream gown.

1 Go Lingerie Shopping

This type of gown needs the right supporting underwear. We’re talking some heavy duty spanx or seamless smooth lingerie. This is not the time to go for wisps of lace and undies with sequins, embellishments or ribbons.


 Image from Melanie and Adrian’s wedding. Photography but Yervant Photography. Gown by Steven Khalil.

2 Book Hypoxi

This style of dress is all about the hips, butt and thighs; so if you’ve got some cellulite or need to get rid of some excess weight, you must book a Hypoxi session. This is a high-tech workout that targets stubborn fat on the thighs, hips and butt using vacuum technology. This is a workout that celebrities swear by and it really works. We’re talking 20cm of fat lost in 4-6 weeks.hypoxi

Images from Hypoxi

3 Tan Trials

Oftentimes, a mermaid gown has lace inserts and you’ll be showing some serious skin; but there’s nothing worse than a tandoori tan to offset your dream gown. Two months before the big day, start trialling which tan you’ll be using. Test colour (opt for a green base), texture (smooth) and its durability. The day after you’ve applied the test tan, wear a white shirt and make sure the tan doesn’t transfer to your clothes – that way you’ll avoid nasty streaks on your wedding dress.tan

Images from Model Co’s Instagram

4 Add Height

One of the downsides with a mermaid silhouette is that it can make a gal look shorter. While this is perfect for our tall sisters, it’s not so great for those of us who are ‘altitude challenged’. To resolve this, make sure you look for a heel with a platform to get that bit of extra height. We recommend a feminine strappy heel or peep toe for this style.

5 Go OTT With Jewels

A mermaid-style gown serves itself to OTT jewellery. Look for cuffs, large neckpieces, chandelier earrings and opulent headpieces to give your gown a Hollywood-look. The beauty of this silhouette is that you don’t have to settle for delicate chains and studs, you can go as bold as you like as the bling up top will balance out the full mermaid skirt down below.reebonz1

Images from Reebonz’s Instagram

Main image from Katherine and Aaron’s wedding. Photography by Inlighten Photography. Gown by Steven Khalil.

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