If you’re planning to elope, here are the 5 things you need to do

So you finally have the ring, the man and your Happily Ever After, but if you’re planning to elope, how do you tell your parents without getting disowned?

If your parents are anything like ours, your decision will likely generate a little bit of tension, and <a whole lotta> criticism. After all, how dare you ruin your father’s dream of walking you down the aisle as a blushing Bride? And, in what universe did you think it was okay to not have the big, extravagant Wedding that your parents have been saving for since you were a little girl?

So, how do you break the news without causing a massive rift between you and your parents? These five tips (along with some serious good luck) will help you have the Wedding of your dreams without offending the people that you love the most.

1. Tell Your Parents BEFORE You Get Hitched

Take a minute to imagine how you would feel if one of your loved ones ran away and got Married without telling you. Would you feel disappointed, rejected, hurt or left out? Would you have been okay with their decision had they informed you of their intentions? Show your parents the same consideration.

Explain your reasons for eloping and why they are important to you. (Hint: the more of an adult you are about your decision, the more receptive they will be of it.)

After all, these beautiful people gave you life, so the least you can do is tell them about the plans for your Big Day. Sure, eloping might not be their first choice for how you get Married, but at least they will be prepared and feel part of the process as much as possible.


2. Bring Food

Soften the blow by bringing food along when you break the news. We recommend a combination of cheese (Brie) and chocolate (dark).

3. Consider Inviting Them to Join You

Consider inviting your parents (and only your parents) to join you on your elopement, if you don’t mind making room for a few more on your romantic trip/ Maybe you could even ask one parent to officiate, another to do a special reading and the other two to be your witnesses; trust us, it will save a whole load of guilt trips and silent treatments later.


4. Host a Party in Honour of your Elopement

We know that the whole reason for eloping is to avoid the expense of a flashy party attended by relatives you haven’t seen in twenty years, but, who says this party needs to be a big, stressful and over the top event? Invite your nearest and dearest to a brunch at your local cafe or to an intimate dinner at your parents’ house.

It will give your parents a chance to celebrate your nuptials by making a fuss over you and it will give you and your partner the chance to bask in all of the glory that comes from making your own decisions: what a win-win!

5. Take Lots of Snaps and Videos

Make sure you hire a photographer and/or videographer to document your special day. Photo albums and wedding videos will not only allow you to relive the day you said ‘I Do’ over and over, but they will make for perfect gifts to give to your loved ones who could not be there.


Images from Bianca and Edward’s Wedding. Photography by  Ruth Anne Photography.

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