One of the biggest trends of the year is finding unique, unusual and unexpected venues for your Wedding. Steering clear of hotels and traditional venues, Brides are searching for barns, heritage houses, modern mansions and galleries, but with these incredible spaces comes a whole set of extra logistics.

So before you get too comfortable, here are five must-knows for our Fairies hosting their Wedding at a ‘non-Wedding’ venue.

1. Check With Council

Make sure you run you Wedding past council before you start booking anything, to check that you don’t need permits for the amount of guests you’re hosting or the service of alcohol. The last thing you want is for the party to be shut-down before you cut the cake, because the music is too loud or you’re over capacity!

2. Security

It’s always a good idea to consider having security at your venue and some places may even have it as part of the contract! If you’re not going to hire security for the Wedding, make sure you’ve got all of the local police details with one of your Bridal Party just in case your Big Day gets crashed by some unexpected visitors.

2Image from Alexandra and Trevor’s Wedding. Photography by Clark Brewer Photography.

3. Neighbours

If you’re hosting your venue in the suburbs, it’s a MUST to let the neighbours know your plans. We recommend visiting them before the Big Day and just having a friendly chat about what time the Wedding will start and finish, as well as what sort of noise they can expect. Bringing along a tray of cookies or knafeh will always help sweeten the deal.

4. Plan B

If any aspect of your event is outdoors, be sure to have a plan B. Most traditional Wedding venues have back-ups for their outdoor options, but you’ll find that if it isn’t a venue that regularly hosts Weddings there might not be an obvious alternative if there happens to be bad weather on your Big Day.

5. Extras

Contrary to what you’ve heard, it’s not always going to be cheaper to host your Wedding at a ‘non-Wedding’ venue. You’ll have to consider bringing in extra suppliers to provide furniture, tableware and catering and this can all add up REALLY quickly. It’s best to get quotes for all of this before you lock the venue in, just in case the extras send you over your budget.

1Image above and main image from Rosa and Andrew’s Wedding. Photography by Wedding Soul Story.

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