How to Write the Perfect Wedding Vows

Wedding vows can always lead to hilarious, loving, and emotional moments!

From the first time you met to when he made you cry tears of joy, you can easily relive these experiences through words during your vows. And if you are having a difficult time expressing these emotions, let us assist you along the way!

How to write the perfect vows for your wedding just got a whole lot more easier!

1. Should you write them together?

Vows can be sacred or shared. Discuss with your partner if you should write the special moments together to avoid any confusion or repetition.

Writing vows together can bring up moments of love and laughter. If you choose not share any information to your partner, then the suspense alone is exciting enough.

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2. Decide on a word-count

Remember, there is the reception speeches to look forward to as well!

Vows are usually kept brief and straight to the point. You might have so much to say which is why it’s important to brainstorm before writing.

Keeping a strict word-count and discussing this with your partner can ensure the ceremony runs smoothly without being too lengthy or short.

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3. All in the details

Whether brief or long, your vows will be felt by your Wedding guests, groom, even priest!

What details can you include in your vows? Simple. Everyone finds it hard to transform those big, life-altering feelings into a string of coherent words. You just need to be honest and respectful of your partner.

Of course, no need for embarrassment but reveal your feelings towards one another. You can always add a little humour but touching or poetic with a side mushy. A combination will put a smile on everyone’s faces.

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4. Practice

Your Wedding day will a magical affair surrounded by the ones you hold dear to your heart.

Let’s not ruin it. Practicing how you would speak on the day will help you convey those big words without trouble. Handy tip: rehearse in front of a friend. They are here to support you and can assist with last minute word-changing!

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