Writing your own vows can be one of the most stressful parts of planning for the Big Day, especially when you have so much to say and just don’t know where to begin. If you’re feeling the pressure (or you’ve left it to the last-minute, trust us, it happens), it’s always best to keep it simple.

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If time is on your side, a little creativity never hurts; from adding a modern twist onto the traditional vows to creating your very own tear-jerkers, we’ve compiled a list of inspo vows to get you started.


If the standard “…in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer…” doesn’t appeal to you, you can always use the following as a jumping off point when reworking your vows.

“I promise to consider you my equal, in all things.”

“I promise to live, love and learn with you. Together, now and forever.”

“I promise to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever.”

“I promise to focus less on your shortcomings and more on my own.”

“I promise to not ask you to change in ways that I am unwilling to change.”

1Image from Sussanah and David’s Wedding. Photography by Studio Impressions Photography.


Like with a Wedding speech, it’s often the most genuinely honest vows that are the most memorable. A couple that love to joke around and laugh together shouldn’t compromise this trait on the most important day of their lives. Use the following as starters to add some flavour to your own wedding promises.

“For richer or for poorer; I promise not to spend all our money at Nordstrom.”

“I promise to share every moment of my life with you, in good times and bad. Someday, if the stars align, I may even let you win an argument.”

“I promise to comfort you when the (insert sports team) lose and drink beer with you when they win.”

“I promise to buy better earplugs so your nagging doesn’t bother me.”

“I promise I will try to eat your cooking, as long as you don’t make me look at it first.”

“I promise to cuddle with you as much as I do Spot and pick you up treats whenever he gets some, too.”

“I promise not to keep score… Even if I’m totally winning.”

And just in case you were wondering, this is what it looks like when a teacher asks his third grade students to write his wedding vows for him:

“Mr. Meiers promises to always sit by Ms. Racheal on roller coasters.

 Ms. Racheal promises never to change because Mr. Meiers likes her just the way she is.

 Mr. Meiers promises to give Ms. Racheal 8 billion kisses every day.

 Mr. Meiers promises to be more like Johnny Depp.”


There really is nothing sweeter than seeing a couple pour their hearts out in front of everyone they love most. These vows are the sweetest things ever, guaranteed to melt you and have everyone sharing some Kleenex on the Big Day.

 “Until today, the day that I told you I loved you, the day that I knew I was going to marry you that was the best day of my life.”

 “I promise to celebrate your triumphs, and love you all the more for your failures.”

“I see these vows not as promises but as privileges: I get to laugh with you and cry with you; care for you and share with you. I get to run with you and walk with you; build with you and live with you.”

“I promise to accept that we are different.”

“I promise to always believe in you, even when you struggle to believe in yourself.”

“In you, I have found my home. I promise to be all you’ll ever need.”

“I promise to try and be worthy of your love. Every single day, ’till death do us part.”

“I promise to choose you, over others and above all else, today and forever.”

2Image from Fatema and Ibrahim’s Wedding. Photography by Daniella Baptista Photography. 

Main image from Rosa and Andrew’s Wedding. Photography by Wedding Soul Story.

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