When it comes to engagement announcements there’s just one thing to do! Share that “ring selfie” on every single social media platform. Ever.

Of all the images shared online in this kind of self-obsessed era, the ring selfie is by far our favourite! And with reports of girls getting hand Botox just to get the right shot, it’s definitely fair to say it’s a thing!

When the time comes for you and your partner to share the big news, follow our top 10 tips to ensure your ‘look what I just got!’ selfie outshines the rest…

  1. Get the light right: natural light is the way to go. Watch your rock sparkle perfectly in the sunlight.
  2. Hold off: for just a minute. We know you want to share it with everyone right right now, but take a deep breath and enjoy just a few minutes with him before you pull out your phone. No one will doubt your #guesswhatjusthappenedexactlytensecondsago hashtag.
  3. Get those nails done: nobody wants to see your chipped nails and dry skin. If the proposal has caught you and your mani off guard, hold off on the ring selfie for just a little bit. Otherwise, get a little more creative with your shot. Maybe hold hands with your fiancé – he should be in this after all (and not just as a prop to hide your nails.)
  4. Know your every angle: and by ‘your angles’ we actually mean ‘your ring’s angles’. Choose an angle that shows off the style and cut of your ring. We’re sure your fiancé will love the praise he gets for choosing the perfect piece.
  5. Think about your background: take full advantage of the beautiful spot in which your fiancé proposed. Or choose something uncluttered and simple, depending on your personal style.
  6. Do. Not. Zoom: trying to get super up close and personal with your ring will result in a blurry image. And blurry images don’t sparkle as much. So don’t. Instead, actually move your phone closer to your ring.
  7. Pose: but keep it natural. Don’t throw your head back and cover your mouth in fake laughter to show off the ring. We won’t buy it.
  8. Keep your options open: take as many shots as you want, but please don’t post them all!
  9. Edit, edit, edit (if you have to!): we beg you not to use a horrible black filter or overexpose the image. Just touch it up a little to ensure it is clean and clear.
  10. Upload! Upload!: but no more than two. Yes, we know you’re excited, (did we say congratulations yet!) But not everybody wants their newsfeed flooded with your new sun-on-a-band.

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