How To Survive Break Up Season

If you thought December was the most magical time of year, where laughter filled the air and all your Christmas wishes came true – you’re wrong.

As it turns out, the festive season sees more break ups than the rest of the year. How do we know this? Because author David McCandless scoured Facebook, gathered 10,000 status updates, and discovered the break up pattern.

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Other than Spring Break for the US, two weeks before Christmas is the worst time of year for relationships, and Mondays are the most common day (as if Mondays couldn’t get any worse).

So, as we near the two-week mark and impending Monday, we thought it was best that we prepare you for the worst (but let’s just hope for the best).

How To Survive Break Up Season

Surround Yourself With People That You Love

And we don’t mean stalking your ex obsessively. Despite the breakup season, holidays are great at bringing people together, particularly family and friends. So while mending a broken heart is by no means easy, surrounding yourself with fun and positive people will help to make the time just that little more bearable. A good support system will take you far.

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It’s Not Me, It’s You

By no means are we saying you should immediately shift the blame onto the other person (unless they actually deserve it). Break ups are a good time to reflect on the relationship and see where both you and your ex may have dropped the ball in terms of communication and other factors.

But it’s also a time to be real. Take the time to really think about how things played out and don’t romanticise aspects of your ex that you would call other people out on. If your ex is the type of person that runs from pressure and commitment (the holidays really emphasise these traits) then they probably were never right for you.

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Keep Busy

Maybe your plans for the holidays have taken a hit and you’re suddenly wondering what to do. Just keep doing you! Go out and enjoy the things you’ve always liked (you had a life before your ex, remember). Go to the beach, head to the cinemas, go out with friends, take up a new hobby just in time for New Year’s. Your enjoyment shouldn’t end just because you’re single.

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Hit The Town

If there’s one thing that rom-coms have taught us, it’s that a night out with friends can do a lot of good – just as long as you don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement. Head to your favourite bar or club and dance the night away. Be wary of what a night out can possibly lead to – you don’t need to be drunkenly texting your ex, asking where things went wrong. If you’re worried you might slip up, leave your phone with a friend or, better yet, delete your ex’s number. You don’t need to be waking up in the morning with regret.

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Take Care of Yourself

The most important thing. Your well-being should be your priority, so if you if you feel as though it’s on a downward slope, do your best to turn it around. If you need help, turn to your support network and don’t be afraid to ask. Looking after yourself can do wonders to your emotional and physical health, so get ready for the New Year by changing unhealthy habits. Make a plan to exercise and eat well (or just better), cut out toxic activities like constantly checking your ex’s social media, and focus on things that will only benefit you, like taking up reading or working on your career.

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