How To: Style Your Hair At Home In Under 5 Minutes

The hair queen has spoken, Fairies! Internationally renowned hairstylist, Natalie Anne, has shared some of her magic with us – how to style your hair at home in under 5 minutes! As you will see, this method is particularly great for thick hair…

Products Shown:

  1. Ghd Hair Unplugged Heat Protectant
  2. Ghd Hair Final Fix Hairspray
  3. Kitsch hair coils 
  4. Ghd Hair Helios Dryer 
  5. Natalie Anne Haircare Wet & Dry Brush

Video Tutorial:

Tutorial Walkthrough:

  1. When you have really thick hair, what you want to avoid is trying to curl it all at the same time. What Natalie Anne does, is split her hair into two ponytails and tie them off. If you want a higher-set curl, you could also do some ponytails more up-top.
  2. Next, go ahead and take your fringe section out of the ponytails, letting it frame your face. What is great about this hack, is that it teaches you where to turn the straightener and start the curl.
  3. Now, you’re going to create a guide for yourself. The smaller the section, the tighter the curl, and the wider the section, the bigger the curl. Start by curling your ponytails at mid-length, in the same direction – this will give you a beautiful blowdried finish.
  4. When you’re done, let the curled ponytails cool down. Moving on to the fringes, Natalie Anne demonstrates how you can make your left and right side symmetrical. Going in on a 45-degree angle, start turning the iron at your eyebrow, and glide it all the way down. Then stop, and let that ribbon curl. Repeat the same motion on the other side.
  5. While this cools down, spray some hairspray.
  6. Lastly, brush your curls out if you’re after a wavy curl. If you’re after a separated beach-vibe, use a wide-tooth comb.

So, what do you say, Fairies? We think a little at-home glam is a lovely example of self-care, and can instantly elevate your mood!

Digital Content Coordinator: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Instagram

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