How To: Send Out Postponement Announcements

Honestly, if you’re wedding-planning during COVID-19 – you need a trophy. We know how tough the task of postponing can be, but we’re here for you, Fairies! One huge detail that you must not miss? Communicating with your wedding guests!

We have gone ahead and put together our best tips on how to send out your postponement announcements, and hope that this helps in taking some of the stress off you.

Tip #1

If you’re changing your wedding date, it is imperative that you let your guests know as soon as possible! First, call your immediate family members directly, so they can update their calendars. Next, inform the rest of your wedding guests about the date change via email. Time is of the essence, so the more notice you’re able to give your guests, the more likely they’ll be able to attend.


Tip #2

Be sure to highlight your wedding website if you’ve created one, with the date change prominently highlighted. Moreover, mail an event change card that will serve as an official announcement about the update!

Tip #3

Are postponing your wedding, but don’t yet have a new date? It is imperative that you use appropriate wording for your guests to fully comprehend the current situation. Wording suggestions include:


Tip #4

Have you already picked your postponed wedding date? Here are some wording suggestions:

Tip #5

Have you chosen to elope, or simply have a more intimate ceremony? Here’s how you can let your wedding guests know.


Tip #6

If some of your wedding guests are arriving from overseas, it is advisable that you send out your postponement announcement as soon as possible. Under these circumstances, there is no “X months before” timing etiquette. However, if you are expecting guests to rebook and confirm new travel arrangements, you will likely get a great response if you send this at least six to eight weeks before the new date.

Tip #7

In the event that you’re a little tighter on time with your wedding postponement cards, we recommend that you direct guests to your website to digitally RSVP, as opposed to sending paper RSVP cards. This way, managing guests is simpler and you are able to quickly collect responses.


Keep calm, Fairies. You’ve got this!

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