If there’s one thing (amongst thousands) all brides are on a mission to achieve before their wedding day, it is perfect skin. We’re talking flawless, even, radiant, beauty campaign worthy skin. Healthy skin can make all the difference when it comes to your make-up, photos and general appearance on the day.

We spoke with leading skincare expert and celebrity go-to-girl, Melanie Grant to get her professional insight. Clinic Director at Double Bay Clinic, Melanie knows the all-important tips and tricks to achieving picture perfect skin for your big day. And with clients Lara Bingle, Nicole Trunfio, Jessica Mauboy, and Delta Goodrem all calling on Melanie for tailored treatments? We can’t help being a little excited to share her wisdom.

What treatment options do you offer brides who want to achieve perfect glowing skin on both their face and body for their wedding day?
We help brides put together a complete treatment plan in the lead up to their big day. Every plan is unique and we offer a range of treatments completely dependent upon the bride’s individual skin concerns. We offer remedial procedures to address pigmentation and acne scarring, improvement treatments to refine skin texture and quality, and enhancement treatments to ensure their skin is absolutely polished and luminous for their big day.

Microdermabrasion, Fraxel, Thermage…what’s the difference?
Microdermabrasion is a gentle resurfacing treatment that is used to buff away the upper most layers of the skin promoting a clearer more polished complexion. It has no down time.

Thermage is a device that uses Radio Frequency to heat the deepest layers of the skin. This promotes collagen and results in a subtle tightening. It is most commonly used for the neck and lower face.

Fraxel is a skin resurfacing laser treatment used to reduce acne scarring, wrinkles, large pores, pigmentation and actinic karatoses. It pioneered laser skin resurfacing 10 years ago and today it’s a proven, safe and effective treatment. I personally have worked with Fraxel for years and love its results.

What are the starting prices for these types of treatments?
Our prices start from $100.

How far in advance from your wedding day should you have these treatments?
I recommend devising a treatment plan 6 months in advance. 3 months is also okay if you don’t have any major skin issues.

Can girls with breakouts have these treatments done?
Yes Absolutely! We customise all treatments to the individual skin.

What are common mistakes all brides-to-be are making when it comes to their pre-wedding skin care regime?
Not planning far enough in advance and doing radical treatments too close to the actual day. If you’ve never had botox or fillers don’t choose the month before your wedding to try it. Also, buying skincare products they have read about in magazines or seen a celebrity endorse without having it prescribed for their specific skin needs. Lastly not being consistent in their regime because they have such a complicated, time consuming regimen.

What’s your best tip for achieving perfect skin?
Great skin always comes from within. Eat well and stay hydrated. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and stress. Implement a great skincare regime and include things like retinol, an antioxidant and always wear a broad spectrum SPF+. And lastly, be sure to get plenty of sleep.

What are the 3 biggest mistakes you could make if you find yourself breaking out a couple of weeks before your wedding?

  1. Squeezing your blemishes and causing scarring, bruising or brown or red marks.
  2. Using harsh products that inflame the skin causing irritation and dryness.
  3. Using last minute aggressive clinical treatments with variable downtime.

What is the most popular treatment you find brides coming in for?
Everyone loves that last minute buff and polish a week before their big day. My custom #GetReady facial is very popular with Brides.

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