How to Live a Beach House Style in a Wintry City

Does your urban jungle make you crave a coastal view or a fresh sea breeze? We can’t bring the ocean to you, but we can help you create those much-loved seaside vibes with a beach house inspired interior. Simply borrow a few ideas from these inspirational tips to cue a coastal look.


The Pegleg Scheme

Yes, you read right: The Pegleg scheme is a simple way to start introducing a coastal look to your space. It works off the idea that furniture, such as couches and coffee tables, need to contain a sufficient amount of wood. Think textured table legs and photo frames to evoke an “on-deck” nautical feel. Avoid leather when it comes to fabrics for your larger pieces, and instead opt for canvas slip-covered furniture and jute touches in shades of blue and sand to get the look.

Easter 2016 at Starfish Cottage: The Living Room - Starfish Cottage:

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The Ocean Effect

Most homes and apartments play it safe with white walls, which is a great canvas for creating beach-inspired spaces, but it doesn’t hurt to think outside the square when it comes to colour.

Australian interior designer Shaynna Blaze has created beautiful interiors in residential and commercial spaces for over twenty years, and notes there’s no need to stick to the safe blue and white shades when it comes to creating coastal looks. “The beach has all parts of the colour wheel with its warm reds and oranges, and cooling blues and greys. It is easy to go over board when introducing a beach scheme to your home, so take it slow and look for one element first for your inspiration.”


how to decorate a beachside home

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Seaside Details

Home decor and accessories should evoke a walk on the beach or an evening sail. Search for shells, coral, rope, maps, and driftwood details for that hint of beach life. Large indoor plants can also achieve the coastal vibe as they help push the ‘outdoors to indoors’ style.

Carpet Court ambassador Shelley Craft says the easiest way to check off your decor list is to simply think of the beach: “Large floral prints work great on home accessories like throw cushions, kitchenware and other soft furnishings like curtains, throws and tablecloths. If you want to go the whole way, you could try floral patterns on your walls – design fashion can’t get enough of the floral at the moment.”

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A Weave of Time

The bedroom is the fun part when it comes to decorating. Canvas lamps, natural bed throws, and rustic side tables always bring a casual yet coastal note. Most importantly, woven baskets can really achieve an outdoor nautical charm.

Designer Tom Scheerer suggests you stay away from overtly tropical or beachy fabric choices when trying to capture this look: “You shouldn’t need shell- or palm tree-printed fabric to tell you where you are. Instead, use colours and prints that evoke the beach.”

Seashell Shadowboxes | Resin casts of seashore finds are mounted on a textured mat within a weathered shadowbox for dimension and depth.:

Image via Birch Lane

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