How To Have The Perfect Hair Colour For Your Wedding Day

Picking your wedding day hair colour can be just as important to brides as choosing what style you’ll wear. So we sat down with Karley Dana Hair salon owner Karley Grbevski for her top tips on finding the perfect hue. 

Wedded Wonderland: When should brides last colour their hair before their big day and why?

Karley Grbevski: I like to recommend colouring my brides hair one week before her big day to ensure the colour settles and has been washed twice to get the perfect result.

WW: What’s the most popular colour request from brides to be?

Karley: I often find my brides wanting to enhance or return to their natural colour before their big day they may want to do a fresh gloss for shine and tone or for lighter brides a brighten and freshen up!

WW: Advice for brides who are looking to drastically change their hair colour for their wedding day?

Karley: For any bride wanting to make a drastic colour change for their special day I like to start the process at 6 months before to ensure the perfect desired colour.

WW: What would you suggest to brides who have had their hair colour changed close to their wedding but aren’t happy with it?

Karley: I would always recommend brides to have clear communication and photos for a colour change close to their wedding day so there is no disappointment! 

WW: What products do you recommend for brides to keep their hair looking shiny and healthy before their big day?​

Karley: I love offering a redken SEQ gloss to my brides leading up to their special day. It doesn’t have to have colour tone it can even just be a clear gloss to add shine and this will last up to 20 washes in the hair and makes the hair feel protected and glossy. Also using a good shampoo and conditioner and doing regular treatments at home is a must! I love redken shampoo and conditioner depending on their hair we would recommended a specific range and I love the charcoal treatment by Pierre Haddad. With these key products and services our brides will have gorgeous wedding ready hair!

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