How to Elope in 2021

Moving into 2021, and following the restrictions implemented thanks to Covid-19, eloping has a different meaning than what it did 50 years ago. You mightn’t be running away to start a new life together without everyone in your life, but you are avoiding expensive venues, excessive amounts spent on food and drink as well as the stress that often accompanies Wedding planning.

Here, we explore five things you need to do before you tie the knot in an Elopement!

Set a Budget

Regardless of what type of Wedding you want, be sure to include all aspects into your budget. This includes travel, your ceremony, Marriage Licence fees, your Officiant, and vendors such as a photographer, florist, and hair and makeup artist.

Name a Time and Place

Choosing your destination is one of the first and most important decisions you will make after choosing to elope. Do your research, and pick a destination that reflects your vision for this start to your married life. Once you’ve chosen a location, make sure you pick vendors that are familiar with the elopement process.

The Legalities

Once you’ve decided your location, who you want to join you (if anyone) and have a date chosen, it’s time to make sure the legal aspects of your wedding are in place. At least one month before your date, you must lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage with an authorised celebrant or minister.

Choose your suppliers

Do you still want flowers, or a cake? Consider the elopement vendors you want to hire – your elopement can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire! Your chosen photographer should be a great resource to help point you in the right direction. It’s critical you do your research and select vendors who offer elopement packages and have experience with elopements.

Pick out your attire

Make sure to pick a dress that allows you to move! Not only will a flowy dress look great on mountain tops or running through a field, it will allow you to move more freely. Take into consideration the material and your chosen surroundings. For example, lace tends to wrinkle less but it will also pick up every outdoor souvenir you can think of. Gentleman; when choosing a suit, make sure it’s comfortable and fits well. Be sure to consider your footwear – for hiking elopements; both Brides and Grooms should opt for shoes that have great traction and are comfortable above anything else.

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