How to Choose the Right Wedding Dressmaker to Create Your Dream Gown

We know Weddings aren’t exactly easy but when it comes to something sentimental and special, how do you find the perfect person for the deed?

Here is our guide to choosing the right dressmaker for your Wedding day.

1. Bring your inspiration

Women know what they want, that’s true. But how do they convey the desires of their heart to an artist willing to form the art?

It’s always best to keep a scrapbook of the things that inspire you. From magazines to online media, the options and ideas are endless. You’ll be doing yourself and your dressmaker a huge favour!

Finding the right tailor who understands your design process is definitely a keeper.

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2. Time

Every Bride wants a one-of-a-kind dress that only a dressmaker can create from the tip of her magic wand.

Yes, they do perform extraordinary things, but remember, a dressmaker doesn’t only work for you.

During a consultation, ask your dressmaker how long it may take to design the impossible. Timing is always crucial, and planning ahead works best.

No one likes a Bridezilla. An honest dressmaker is a good dressmaker. Call as soon as you get engaged, and ask them how quickly you need to order or create your wedding gown.

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3. Money

Another important factor!

Your Wedding day will look as fabulous as your dress. But how much is too much?

Spending the right amount of money on a dressmaker depends on your love, tastes and desires. Be sure that once you set an idea, stick to it. Influence can be dangerous, and brides tend to change their thought process along the way.

If you’d like an elegant gown? Sure. The best way is to always browse around and consult with a dressmaker who can create your magic dress without charging too much. If you are hiring, always read the terms and conditions before your evening of leisure turns into an evening of disastrous affairs.

Look at contracts, forms of payment and fitting schedules!


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4. Reputation

Here is where social media can assist with your Wedding dress!

Dressmakers would have cards and letters from past customers you can read. Ask to see an actual gown in progress or they may have a sample gown already made.

Word-of-mouth always works too. Speak with a friend or relative who has recently been married. Recommendations are great, especially when a dressmaker is being praised on Facebook and Instagram.

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5. Questions to ask

Questions, questions and questions!

Here are some good questions to ask when calling or consulting with a dressmaker about the creation of your gown.


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