How to choose a style of Engagement ring that will look best on your finger

Picking your dream Engagement ring is much easier said than done. Not only do you have to trawl through hundreds of cuts, sizes and colours, but you’ve also got to make sure it looks good on your hand – a tricky task to master when most of the time you don’t get to try it on before he pops the question!

So, before you start sending your SO (significant other) hints and pics of your ideal ‘bling’, you’ve got to work out what style of will suit your hand!

Skinny Fingers

The trick with slender fingers is to look for a style that is delicate, so it doesn’t overpower your hand. A thicker band will widen your finger and works well with a round or cushion-cut diamond.


Thicker Fingers

Create a longer, more elegant looking hand by picking a medium band with a wider stone like a rectangular-shaped diamond!


Large Knuckles

If you’ve got large knuckles, great news! Your hand suits a heavier, ‘blinged-up’ band. Opt for an ornate ring with a princess-cut diamond that will draw loads of attention.


Short Fingers

It’s important to keep the proportion of your fingers in mind when choosing a ring for a small hand. Choose something that’s fine and delicate – heart-shaped stones look gorgeous!


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