How To Celebrate Your Birthday In Quarantine

Guess what, Fairies? Just because we’re in quarantine, doesn’t mean we must stop having birthdays! At the end of the day, this health crisis is all about remaining safe, and adapting to the new conditions – and we’re here to inspire you!

Here’s how you can make your quarantine birthday one to remember…

You’re welcome. Kidding! Here’s our actual advice…

Have A Group Call

By this point, you’re probably getting to be an expert at using Zoom, Skype and Houseparty. It’s time to transfer those skills to party planning. Virtually assemble your squad and make sure they don’t forget to sing ‘Happy Birthday’!

Don’t Forget The Cake

Choose your favourite sweet treat and have it dropped off to support a local business – remember to request for contactless delivery. If businesses around you are closed, find a recipe and get to baking!

Get Your Glam On

If you’re anything like us and have been spending 23 hours a day in your pyjamas – we get you. However, it isn’t our birthday, it’s yours! Put on some Beyoncé music, whip out your favourite eye shadow palette, and smoke out those beautiful eyes of yours! Style your hair and pick a cute outfit, and if you live with someone, ask them to get dressed up too. Snap some photos together as you would for any birthday – it will make for a great memory!


Let’s be real, only a few things unite people together like food does. This one might require a little more planning. Pick a dish that everyone can prepare so you can eat the same meal as your friends. Take it one step further, and have everyone mix the same cocktail (birthday person’s pick, of course!) and drink it together.

Get On The Floor

If you live with someone, move the furniture aside, dim the lights and start dancing! Whether it’s your parents, your partner or your roommate – all that matters is that you have fun with it!


Since you’re confined to your house, you may as well make it look festive. Blow some balloons, or get creative and make some streamers from anything you have lying around (not toilet paper, please). Visuals are everything!

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you enjoy it, Fairies. And remember, you can always throw a massive birthday bash when conditions allow it!

Digital Content Coordinator: Zoe Kanlis

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