How Phao Photography Captures The Indescribable Moments

Phao Photography is an Australian-based local and global destination wedding photographer, building a brand in exceptional quality and meticulous attention to detail. Catering to a wide range of clients across the world, they specialize in weddings, portraits, corporate functions and eventing. With a wealth of industry knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment, they are well equipped to capture any special occasion in the most beautiful way possible.

Who Are Phao Photography?

Sam from Phao Photography

With 15 years of experience capturing life’s milestone moments, Sam Ansari is the name behind the lens. Starting out in the commercial space, he shifted his focus to wedding photography around ten years ago. Fuelled by the emotion and charm that fills a wedding day, Phao Photography captures the relationship, as well as the couple in their most natural, candid state. 

What is the Phao Photography difference? 

With over ten years of wedding experience, they pride themselves on capturing the essence of a moment while creating stunning, timeless images that perfectly represent their clients’ unique personalities and style. Observing before they press the shutter, their philosophy is steeped in connecting with their clients, and understanding the real ‘you’ in order to capture shots that are reflective of each couple. 

5 Mesmerizing Weddings Shot by Phao Photography

From majestic weddings where the skies opened to gentle rains to ethereal snaps of traditional ceremonies, these are the images that leave us speechless every time.

Bryan & Gabrielle

Bride & groom caught in the rain
Photo by @phaophotography

Rakesh & Manuka

Beautiful Indian Couple on their wedding day
Photo by @phaophotography

Milard & Brooke

Traditional Wedding Ceremony
Photo by @phaophotography

Ismail & Yasmin

Beautiful newlyweds in Sydney, Australia
Photo by @phaophotography

Michael & Barbara

Phao Photography captures a beautiful Orthodox wedding ceremony
Photo by @phaophotography

Renowned in the industry, Phao Photography calls to the lovers, the storytellers and the unapologetically brave, offering a wedding photography service with a vision to capture the most authentic version of you and your love.

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