How Much Should You Spend on A Wedding Gift?

Ah , the age old question! How much should you be spending on a wedding gift? There is no right or wrong answer, but there a few factors you may want to consider when deciding how to spend on a couple.


As Tradition goes, the minimum spend should match the price per head, at the very least. For example, if you estimate the couple is paying $150 per person, you’ll want to match this amount in your gift. If you’re bringing a plus one you’ll need to consider their contribution as well. This tradition is not set in stone, however some guests choose to opt for this path as it allows for an easier decision.

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Proximity of Relationship with Couple

The closer you are to the couple, the deeper you’ll want to dig into your pockets. The average wedding gift cost falls approximately between $100-150, and according to how close you are with the couple, you can choose to increase or decrease this amount according to your budget.

Consider What You’re Spending to Attend the Wedding

What you’re spending to physically attend the wedding may factor in to the amount you’re able to spend on a wedding gift. If you’re paying travel and accomodation costs to attend a destination wedding, then it is understandable if you’re wedding gift is less than usual. Couples who are planning a destination wedding are likely to be conscious and understanding of this as well.

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And of course, at the end of the day, always spend what you can afford!

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