One of the main events leading up to the Wedding day is the Bridal Shower or Kitchen Tea. It’s a chance for the nearest and dearest females in the Bride’s life to come together and throw a party in her honour before the Big Day.

There’s lots of food, drinks, games and fun and traditionally, all the attending women bring gifts for the Bride-to-Be to prepare her for Married life. However, it can be hard to figure out exactly how much to spend on a present. So, we’ve put together a basic guide to help you determine the ‘dollar figure’.

1. How Close?

Generally the closer your relationship with the Bride, the more you’ll spend. A sister, childhood friend or aunt will most likely spend more on a gift than a new work friend and this is fine! A quick ask around the team at Wedded Wonderland determined that a good place to start for a colleague or distant friend is $50, whereas if it’s a sister or if you’re part of the Bridal party, it might be in excess of $100.

2. Referrals

If you are still unsure on how much to spend, suss out what others are spending. Ask other friends or relatives what they’ve bought and then average out the dollar amount – this will mean your gift will be a safe bet.

3. Follow the Rules

If the Bride-to-Be has listed a gift registry, you should be overjoyed. It makes the gift-buying so much simpler, because you honestly can’t go wrong if you buy from it. Use the above tips to determine how much to spend and you’re sorted!

4. Consider DIY

If you are strapped for cash or you’re intimidated by the thought of spending loads of money on Bridal shower gifts, there is always the DIY option. Consider a heartfelt recipe book filled with the Bride and Groom’s favourite meals or an advice book with tips from all the Married couples in the couple’s lives. This will definitely be a gift they’ll treasure forever.

5. Don’t Overinvest

Don’t stress if you can’t afford to spend a huge amount on a Bridal shower gift! Spend what you can afford; if the Bride is a true friend, she’ll appreciate the thought and time taken to purchase a memorable gift, as opposed to the cost. Attending the Bridal shower and celebrating the Bride is what means most.

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