How Blake Lively Helped Ryan Reynolds Mend His Relationship With His Dad

As if this couple couldn’t get any better – Ryan Reynolds has revealed how his wife, Blake Lively, helped him mend his broken relationship with his father.

In a recent interview with Mr Porter, Ryan got serious about his anxiety, depression, and his dad. He let on that growing up, he didn’t always get on well with his old man. Citing his relationship as ‘complicated’, he says that although his father was great, he was also pretty tough.

“This is not meant to be some sob story – everyone carries their own bag of rocks around and I am no different in that regard – but growing up in my house, it was never relaxing or easy and I know that, throughout my life, I’ve dealt with anxiety in different ways.”

Unfortunately, Mr James Reynolds suffered from Parkison’s disease before passing away in 2015. Speaking of his wife, Ryan said, “She has a gift for foresight.”

Thanks to Blake, father and son were able to get back on speaking terms, with Ryan’s daughter, James, even being named after him.

“My father died soon after my daughter was born, but he got to see her, which makes me happy.”

The interview with Ryan was a great read and really saw him open up. He shared a bittersweet story, and as usual, managed to shine a light on the brilliance of his wife. Here’s to hoping Blake and Ryan never change.

Written by Hanan Merheb

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