How Are Gen Z Planning Their Weddings? What Is Important to Them?

As the dawn of a new era approaches, the latest generation to enter adulthood – Gen Z – is beginning to plan their weddings. With this unique generation comes a fresh perspective on what matters most on their special day. While traditional wedding norms have been followed for centuries, Gen Z couples are looking to break away from the norm and create a day that reflects their unique personalities and values. So, what exactly are the emerging trends and priorities of Gen Z wedding planning?

What is important to Gen Z when planning their weddings?


Personalization is important to Gen Z planning weddings.
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Personalization is key. The old adage “one size fits all” simply does not apply to Gen Z. These couples are looking for an individualized and authentic experience, where they can put their own unique stamp on their wedding day. From non-traditional attire to personalized vows and unconventional venues, Gen Z couples are opting for an experience that feels tailor-made to their own love story.


Advanced and creative technology is part of Gen Z wedding planning.
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Technology is playing a bigger role. As the first generation to grow up with the internet and social media, Gen Z is making technology a significant part of their wedding planning process. From creating hashtags for their wedding to live streaming their ceremonies for guests who can’t attend in person, technology is becoming an increasingly important tool for Gen Z couples.


Sustainability is also a priority for Gen Z planning wedding.
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Sustainability is a top concern. In a world where environmentalism has become a growing concern, Gen Z is focused on incorporating eco-friendly practices into their wedding day. From locally sourced food and flowers to compostable or reusable tableware, many couples are making a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Others are taking their commitment to sustainability even further, by forgoing paper invitations in favor of digital RSVPs.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusivity are non-negotiables for Gen Z weddings.
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Diversity and inclusivity are non-negotiable. Gen Z is the most diverse generation in U.S. history, and they expect their weddings to reflect that diversity. From the guest list to the vendors hired, inclusivity is a top priority for Gen Z couples. Many are also embracing non-traditional wedding rituals and cultural traditions to honor their heritage.


Small and intimate weddings are also popular among Gen Z weddings.
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Financial responsibility is a priority. With many members of Gen Z having grown up during a time of economic uncertainty, financial responsibility is a top priority. This has led many couples to opt for smaller, more intimate weddings to save money. Some are even finding creative ways to cut costs without sacrificing their vision, such as having their weddings on weekdays or in off-season months when prices are lower.

What matters most in weddings for the new generation?

The new generation of wedding planning has arrived, and with it, a fresh perspective on what matters most on their special day. Here are the top five priorities for Gen Z couples:

Destination weddings are becoming more popular.
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Gen Z couples are bringing a new perspective to the wedding industry. They are focused on personalization, sustainability, technology, inclusivity, and financial responsibility, creating weddings that are uniquely their own. As this generation continues to come of age and plan their nuptials, we can expect to see even more innovative and creative wedding trends emerge.

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