Every country has its own unique talking points; Africa has its safaris, Australia has its beaches and America has its celebrities, but there are some places across the globe that simply aren’t ‘tourist friendly’.

Travel and Leisure used its annual awards to find out exactly which cities worldwide are deemed the most unfriendly – honeymooners, pay attention!

10. Cannes, France

It’s renowned for its celebrity-filled film festival, but Travel and Leisure also list Cannes as the 10th least friendly city in the world, primarily for its reputation for being a bit conceited.

cannes mainImage from cvvillas.com

9. Las Vegas, USA

The reason Vegas came in at #9 was because it is seen as being a seriously shallow city.

las vegasImage from fly.com

8. Baltimore, USA

This one was a bit of a surprise, but Baltimore was included because of its recent spike in protests.

baltimore mainImage from fly.com

7. Philadelphia, USA

‘Philly’ is known for its huge population of sporting enthusiasts, but because of this, it was ranked #7 on this list, as ‘away team’ travellers found they were heckled regularly.

phillyImage from theodysseyonline.com

6. New York, USA

The Big Apple needs no introduction, but travellers are listing New York as unfriendly because its residents aren’t overly helpful when it comes to being asked for directions or assistance by tourists.

new yorkImage from theodysseyonline.com

5. Los Angeles, USA

Despite LA being the land of blonde hair, sunshine and juice detoxes, Travel and Leisure list this city the 7th most unfriendly in the world, because it’s home to some obnoxious and unfriendly people…

laImage from udr.com

4. Marseilles, France

Despite the city’s people being friendly, Marseille made it to number four because it is perceived as ‘dishevelled’.

marseille mainImage from toulouse.aeroport.fr

3. St Petersburg, Russia

Although St Petersburg has some incredible history and architecture, many of the voters in Travel and Leisure’s awards were unhappy with the interactions they had with the locals living here.

st petersburgImage from travelmoodz.com

2. Atlantic City, USA

One visitor wrote, “It’s fun — if you like to gamble and don’t mind rude, fast-paced people,” – ‘nuff said.

atlantic city mainImage from urcomped.com

1. Moscow, Russia

Bad traffic, underwhelming food and poor social skills have contributed to Moscow being named the world’s most unfriendly city.

moscowImage from ruslanguage.com

Main image from Paris Photographer.

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