Have you been invited to an engagement party? Here’s our guest etiquette guide!

Engagement parties are a time to celebrate the upcoming wedding of a couple and serve as a handy opportunity for you to meet other wedding guests. Traditionally, the bride’s parents hosts the celebration, but nowadays it’s common for the bride and groom-to-be to organise the engagement party themselves.

Regardless of who plans the engagement soiree, there are a few rules that guests need to abide by, so to help you navigate the difficult land of ‘engagement etiquette’, here are out tips!

What’s a Good Engagement Gift?

Unless the couple have let you know that there’s a gift registry for their engagement party, it can be tricky to pick an appropriate present. Spend too much and you’ll be eating canned beans for a month, but spend too little and you can look stingy. We recommend opting for something that is a crowd-pleaser like a bottle of champagne or a plant. If you want to go more personal, a massage voucher will never go astray!

I Don’t Know Anybody, How Do I Start a Conversation?

If you’re at an engagement party and don’t know a soul, fear not. Grab a drink, take a deep breath and introduce yourself to some of the other guests. Look for another person who is standing by themselves, as this is a less-intimidating place to start, then have a few conversation starters in your head – a no-fail question is ‘how do you know the bride and groom?’

What do I Wear to an Engagement Party?

If there isn’t a dress code on the invitation, guests are usually expected to dress according to the time of the day. An evening affair? Cocktail is the way to go. If it’s a brunch or lunch, we recommend a more casual outfit – a dress and a pair of wedges! A general guide is if you wouldn’t wear it to visit your grandma for afternoon tea, don’t wear it to an engagement party!

Can I Bring a Plus One?

If your invitation doesn’t specify a plus one, but you have a long-term partner that you really want to come, the best idea is to ask the hosts (the bride and groom-to-be). However, we recommend proceeding with EXTREME caution and don’t take offense if the couple can’t accommodate for an extra person. Remember, it’s their big day, not yours. Suck it up, and get excited to meet some potential new friends at the event!

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