Happy National Dog Day, lovers!

To celebrate one of the most important days of the year (don’t even try to argue), we’ve compiled a list of 25 dogs just looking adorable at weddings, so get the tissues ready because there’s no way you’re not going to be crying from all the cuteness.
And, just as an FYI, a 2016 US study found that out of 240 couple, those that had pets had both lower heart rates and blood pressure than than those without, while other studies have shown pet-owning couples get less stressed when they argue. What we’re trying to say is dogs are awesome, particularly for couples and definitely for anyone posting their wedding pics to social media – check out the proof below.
1. This guy who’ll always be the centre of attention.

Dog at wedding feature 199x300 1
2. These two who are probably more interested in the neighbour’s cat, but still happy for their humans.

Wedding dog 19 300x221 1

3. Doing his thang.

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4. The goodest boy ever.

Wedding dog 10 300x200 1

5. Find us a happier pooch.

Wedding dog 25 300x200 1
6. The Best Blep.

Wedding dog 24 200x300 1
7. His colour coordination is on point.

Wedding dog 23 300x200 1
8. We want to give this little guy a hug.

Wedding dog 22 300x200 1
9. Best. Bridesmaid. EVER.

Wedding dog 21 200x300 1
10. Little fluffer feeling the love

Wedding dog 18 200x300 1
11. Solemn pupper doing his duty.

Wedding dog 15 200x300 1
12. *Curls up in foetal position*

Wedding dog 14 199x300 1
13. Always going to be her first love.

Wedding dog 13 204x300 1
14. What did we say about awesome photos?

Wedding dog 12 200x300 1

15. We’re getting the feeling this cloud would be happy dressing like this for eternity.

Wedding dog 8 230x300 1
16. Snoot boop inevitable.

Wedding dog 7 300x207 1
17. Best dressed guest and he knows it.

Wedding dog 6 300x200 1
18. *Starts crying hysterically*

Wedding dog 5 200x300 1
19. Hands down the best way how to announce your nuptials.

Wedding dog 4 300x200 1
20. “How you doin’?”

Wedding dog 3 200x300 1
21. Greatest walkies he’s ever had.

Wedding dog 2 200x300 1
22. There’s no way he’s not getting all the treats.

Wedding dog 1 200x300 1
23. Clingy but cute.

Wedding pupperino 300x200 1


10963891 1586365774909304 422919308 n 300x300 1
25. How we all feel after a wedding.

14145608 1105686872833670 442061364 n 300x300 1
And because we can’t help ourselves, here’s a video of John Legend belting out ‘All of Me’ at his dogs’ wedding.

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Article written by Alison Donnellan

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