Gifts To Give Your New Partner When You Have No Idea

So, you’ve found yourself a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Congratulations! You’re no doubt enjoying the all-consuming Honeymoon feeling that new relationships often bring and we couldn’t be happier for you.

But spare a thought for all those couples getting together right before Valentine’s Day.

If you’re wondering what that sinking feeling in your stomach is, it’s probably dread. Because there’s nothing more confusing than not knowing whether or not you should buy your new partner a holiday gift – and if so, what do you buy them.

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Never fear, because we’ve got some ideas up our sleeves. Merry Not-So-Awkward Christmas/Valentine’s/New Years/Birthday!

What To Give When You Have No Idea

A Bottle of Red Wine

The go-to for wine lovers and people who want to pretend they love wine. A bottle of red is versatile; it’s classy, it’s romantic, and – if you talk to a wine expert at the bottle shop – it’ll make you seem like you put a lot of effort into it as you talk about its “earthy notes” and “full-bodied flavour.”


Old faithful. You’ll never go wrong with a great bouquet of flowers. Extra points for choosing a bouquet of your partner’s favourite florals or colours as it shows that you’ve been paying attention.

A Thoughtful Card

For the really new relationships; the ones where you’re still learning about each other. A really spectacular card can go a long way, especially when its contents are meaningful. If you’re still in the early stages, include little in-jokes you may have, and a list of everything you really like (or love, whatever works) about them.

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Food is the way to most people’s hearts (it certainly is to ours!), so stick to a foolproof gift by either taking them out for dinner or cooking a meal at home. Bonus points for choosing a restaurant or cuisine that they love, and triple bonus points for buying the ingredients and making the meal yourself. Throw in that bottle of red wine, and they might just fall in love with you then and there.

A Gift Card

For those who want to keep the gift less intimate, a gift card is a good way to go. Westfield gift cards are always a solid choice, but try to add a more personal touch by getting a gift card for something they actually like – if your new girlfriend likes makeup, head to Sephora or Mecca Maxima.

A Mixtape

This one is inspired by our love of cheesy 80s and 90s rom-coms. Try putting together a mix of songs they love, you think they’ll love, or songs you love and you want them to love because you’re sure this is going to be a long-term thing (you can’t help falling in love so easily!). Keep it nostalgic by actually making a tape or a CD (and live out your dream of holding up a boombox, a la John Cusack in Say Anything…) or keep up with the times by making a Spotify playlist.

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A Book

A seemingly innocent gift that you should take care with. A book is a great idea if your new partner is a bookworm, but be careful that the one you choose can’t be misconstrued to have a double meaning – awkward subtext can squash a new relationship, so it’s best to step away from the Fifty Shades of Grey.

Bake Them Something Sweet

If you happen to be a wiz in the kitchen, take advantage of that and get baking! Much like a nice dinner, a sweet treat is a good way to the heart, and we don’t think anyone would say no to a box full of chocolate-y goodness. If baking isn’t your forte, head to their favourite dessert spot and surprise them with a selection of amazing treats.

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Buy Them Tickets To A Show

This one is a little trickier as it may look as though you’re trying to lock them down if the event is too far in the future. However, if you’re past those extra early stages then by all means buy them a ticket to a cool gig or a stage show they’ve been wanting to see. Just make sure it’s not a year from now.

Have A Picnic

Along the same vein as a dinner, but slightly more casual. Head to a nice park, lay down your blanket and pillows, pull out the snacks you painstakingly made (read: bought) and enjoy the sunshine. It’s sweet and romantic, but slightly less intimate that a dimly-lit dinner.

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There you have it – foolproof gift ideas that won’t leave you in an awkward position, so you can enjoy the holidays together!

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