Justin and Maryanne are the unstoppable husband and wife duo behind Sammy & Lola. Justin is a mad scientist who loves nothing more than spending countless hours hand-crafting the marquee lights Sammy & Lola are famous for. These free-standing lights can spell the bride and groom’s initials or a word that describes the wedding theme (ie. ‘LOVE’) and can be dimmed or brightened to suit the mood of the reception.

WW: Describe your passion

Sammy & Lola: Justin is happiest when he’s creating something new and unique, and he loves working with his hands and building beautiful things from sustainable timbers.

On the other hand I (Maryanne), am the chief of inspiration. I am happiest when chatting with brides and grooms and helping them find ways to make their unique vision into reality.

I love getting feedback from clients who have found that their guests are still talking about their wedding months after the event. It’s such an awesome feeling and it drives me to keep making Sammy & Lola bigger and better.

WW: Have you noticed any recent trends in the wedding industry?

One of the key wedding trends we have seen throughout 2014 and seeping into 2015 is a focus on the ‘one-of-a-kind’ wedding. Whether it’s wedding cakes baked in individual jars or customised wedding bunting, everybody is looking for ways to stamp their individual style on their big day.

Statistically couples are getting married later in life, and we find that this means today’s brides and grooms have a strong understanding of who they are and an image of the unique style they want to stamp onto their wedding day. Weddings are also moving away from traditional locations, which opens up opportunities for entirely new kind of ‘wow’ factor.

Today’s brides aren’t afraid to take risks and do something completely personalised that makes their big day stand out in the memory of their guests for months or even years to come.

WW: What sort of brides tend to be drawn to Sammy & Lola?

Our brides tend to be looking for that ‘wow’ factor. They have a unique vision for their special day and aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. They’re also looking for something that their guests haven’t seen at any of their friends’ weddings. They want something that’s truly personal.

Our brides love the passion and drive that pushes our business, and the heart and soul that go into all our products. Our marquee lights are lovingly handcrafted, painted locally in Sydney and made from sustainable materials.

Our range of marquee lights is growing every week, so the options really are only limited by your imagination. We can bring amazement to a lolly bar or bridal table– or even have the bride and groom’s initials tower over the dance floor standing nearly one metre high.

For more information on Sammy & Lola or to get more information about the brand for your next event, click here.

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