What do you really want brides to know about your business?

We’re all about brides! I love to work with each individual bride to create their perfect gown. Every bride is unique with their own style and personality, so I want their gowns to reflect this. Their first appointment with me is all about finding out what they’re looking for and what they love to have in their gown, it’s a full consultation process. We can start from scratch or we can create their gown based on one of our ready-to-wear styles.

Describe your best experience with a bride.

I had a bride who got married earlier this year and when she came in to see me she was all nervous and quite apprehensive and it was only later after she had chosen her gown that she confided in me that she’s always been such a tomboy and had never really felt beautiful and she thought she was just going to get a dress and be done with it but after she tried on one of our gowns she felt transformed and she said she finally understood what all her friends were talking about when they found their gown! It’s really moments like this which makes me love what I do!

How did you enter your industry?

I have always had a huge interested in designing and dressmaking. My mum is in the industry and I grew up around her sewing and designing and being around brides. I learnt so much from her, but it wasn’t until 5 or 6 years ago that I bit the bullet and started my own company – it was the best decision of my life!

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