Four Engagement Ring Myths That Are Totally False

When it comes to engagement rings, we know a diamond sparkler rushes to mind. It must cover the 4 C’s and float on your finger like a million-dollar cloud. Plus, beloved boyfriend will surprise you with your dream one, even though he can’t tell the difference between emerald and radiant cut.

With the freedom to be your own bride, we think it’s important to choose a ring that you love, not the ring you think you should have. So without further a do, here are four engagement ring myths, expelled.

Element Of Surprise

Fact: a surprise proposal and surprise engagement ring are not synonymous. While a surprise proposal is quite the romantic gesture, presenting a ring without any thought for the future bride’s preferences is trouble. One minute he’s the love of your life, and the next, he gives you a round when you really wanted princess cut. Plus, the setting is platinum when you’re a rose-gold girl until death parts you. We love when you guys are swept off your feet, although we recommend nixing the surprise factor expectation for this one, and communicating your style instead. Need to drop hints? Read this.

The Bigger The Better

Why half-carat when you can three-carat amirite? No, wrong. We’re taught to believe that bigger is always better. This impression is false because there are many factors to consider other than size, including clarity, cut and colour. Don’t go for the biggest gem in the diamond department, just because you can spot it from outer space. Don’t forget that bigger doesn’t always mean the most sparkly. The way the ring is cut plays an important role in its GIA diamond grading report.We suggest finding the highest quality stone that is in close proximity to your size and budget preferences.

Solitaire Round Brilliant Reigns Supreme

Round diamonds are one of the most popular shapes when it comes to engagement rings, however just because they hold tradition, it doesn’t mean you need to rock that rock. There are many other options that can work with your style. For example, if you’re considering a colored diamond, shapes such as radiant or cushion are ideal to enhance the diamond’s natural colour. Don’t forget to choose something that represents your personality, because that is the ultimate pear-fection.

Diamonds Are The Only Option

Tradition might say that diamonds are forever, and the ultimate symbol of betrothal, but this is also another myth to dispel. Many couples are opting for different types of gemstones for engagement rings. Think morganite, emerald and sapphire. You can also add personal touches such as choosing your partner’s birthstone, or incorporate diamond accents with a halo setting, like this stunning aquamarine gem, available at Diamond World Fine Jewellery.

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Written by Shaymah Alkhair

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