#ForeverDuncan: He proposed at 12pm, and surprised her with a wedding at 6pm!

Forever Duncan Surprise Wedding

Boyfriend of the year alert fairies! Alfred Duncan, Grammy and Emmy Nominated Vocalist for Mambo Sauce, surprised his personal trainer girlfriend Sherrell Woodward (now Duncan!) yesterday by proposing to her at 12pm and then marrying her at 6pm! Her entire family and friends were in on it, and helped him with the perfect execution. It has since been trending on social media with the the hashtag #foreverduncan.

It all started innocently enough when the couple went for lunch. Sherrell knew that Alfred had planned a surprise-filled day for them both, but had no idea what was in store:

Right before I pop the question. She has no idea the kinda of day she is about to endure #foreverduncan

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He then got up in front of the whole restaurant and told her how much he loved her, and how long he had waited for her to be his wife and proposed:

She said YES. #foreverduncan. Stay tuned

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Moments later he had her whisked off to get ready and glammed up for an engagement shoot. He had her blindfolded again:

Wife #foreverduncan

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Little did she know that the engagement shoot was actually their wedding ceremony and reception! This is the moment that she arrived and the blindfold was removed, and she realised what he had actually planned <3

Y A L L ? have y'all seen this? She was surprised with a proposal at noon yesterday & this happened at 6pm yesterday – THIS IS HER SURPRISE WEDDING ????????. #ForeverDuncan has stolen my heart – this is absolutely beautiful ???????

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And then began the teary walk down the aisle:

The emotions today…MY GAWD!!! Speechless and filled with love from how this surprise wedding transpired! @sherrellthetrainer & @alfredthemc , yall give me so much hope when it comes to finding a soul mate and true love! May God bless yall union!! #foreverduncan PLEASE go look at that hashtag, everybody!

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It was then Sherell’s turn to surprise Alfred with her wedding vows that left no dry eye in the house:

Listen…the words @sherrellthetrainer spoke to @alfredthemc moved me so much that I was in there snapping my fingers like I was at a poetry slam. Remember, she had no clue she was getting engaged AND married yesterday. So these words are truly flowing from the heart and soul just from the moment. Again, GOD BLESS YALL!! Black Love is oh so real and oh so alive. I encourage everyone to look at the #foreverduncan hashtag. It will fill your heart up with joy.

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This love story couldn’t be anymore perfect and we wish the new Mr and Mrs Duncan all the love in the world! #ForeverDuncan <3

Forever Duncan Wedding Ceremony

Image credit: Mental Mayhem Photography

Bridal Couture: Amyang Couture (New Collection October 2016)
Groom Accessories: Amyang Couture (New Collection October 2016)
Photography: Mental Mayhem Photography
Main photo: Alfredthemc

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