Exclusive: Pnina Tornai talks wedding trends, her 2020 collection & more with Wedded Wonderland

As New York Bridal Fashion Week kicks off for another year, we were lucky enough to receive an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Pnina Tornai’s 2020 Real Collection. You can see that here.

But before the NYBFW 2019 runway show, we spoke to Pnina about what inspired her latest collection, her thoughts on the 2020 bridal trends and what to look for in bridal accessories.

Wedded Wonderland: Congratulations on New York Bridal Fashion Week and the Real Collection! Can you describe your latest collection for us?

Pnina Tornai: Thank you. I’m so happy that I could share the collection with you even though we are across the world from each other! My latest collection is inspired by being real in a world where everything is edited, filtered, and altered. I believe that the only way to walk our path in life is to be real, and so I have named this collection just that, Real. Real is when what you feel, what you think, what you say, and what you do are all one.

With that in mind, I designed this collection as a mosaic of varying silhouettes using almost every fabric that there is in bridal. I went back to my roots and brought back some of my favorite silhouettes and concepts from my past collections, but updated them for the modern bride. From the sweetest lace A-line, to the gown with the most bold thigh high slit, I want every dress to speak for itself and for the bride who wears it feel like her true self on her wedding day.

WW: What were you inspired by?

Pnina Tornai: I have to say that when I create, there isn’t necessarily an inspiration or a concept for the collection that comes first. The gowns come to me and in the end, they are cohesive because I let them be what they are, and they are all of my truest essence. Me being true to myself in my design process and also being a part of this crazy social media world resulted in this collection, and I’m so happy to share it and its message with the world

WW: What are the wedding dress trends that will be dominating in 2020?

Pnina Tornai: I think that in 2020 we will continue to see a lot of sleeves and straps versus strapless styles. And not just any sleeves! Bishop sleeves, puffy shoulders, and unique straps have been trending, and I don’t think they are going anywhere.

Slits are also coming into fashion again, as well as corsets of all kinds. I think brides are becoming more fashion-forward as time goes on, so we will be seeing unique 3D fabrics, high-low hems, alternatives to dresses such as suits and mini dresses, and romantic details like bows. I find that my brides often dare to be different, and this is definitely the year of doing what makes you feel your best.

WW: What about when it comes to bridal hair accessories?

Pnina Tornai: I think a lot of brides are bringing it back to simplicity and embracing a more natural look. It’s all about enhancing your natural beauty that is already there. Things are becoming more undone. I personally love a bun with a little bit of messiness or a soft wavy style. As for accessories, unique hair clips, pins, and headbands will be in for 2020, going beyond classic silver or gold and crystals.

I think brides are having more fun with their shoes also. Gone are the days of wearing only white or a metallic shoe. Now brides are wearing everything from nude to bright colours and from leather to velvet. It’s really about being an individual and doing you, not what is necessarily traditionally bridal.

See some of our favourite picks from Pnina Tornai’s Real 2020 Collection below:

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Untitled design 2019 10 10T105157.882
Untitled design 2019 10 10T105259.138

Interview by: Natasha Price

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