Everything You Need To Take On Your Honeymoon

Honeymoons are an exciting time – it’s your first official getaway as husband and wife. The thing is, you’re probably so busy organising the intricate details of the wedding that you’ve forgotten all about your luggage preparation, or you’ve been receiving online deliveries for six months straight and now you’re stuck with too many things.

Whether you’re headed to the all-white, blue-domed Santorini, or you’re jet-setting across the French Riviera, we’ve compiled the ultimate checklist for your honeymoon wardrobe. We’re good like that.


Personalised Suitcases

Everyone’s talking about how their weddings were a reflection of their personalities, from customised place-cards and bombonieres to cufflinks and seat maps. So why not extend the personalisation to the honeymoon suitcase? Plus, its a keepsake for the holidays to come.

Personalised suitcases from Live x Maintain – from $178.00


As much as we love and admire your glamorous honeymoon makeup and crochet sundresses, practicality is key, people. You definitely need a backpack for your all-day activities to carry the necessities.

Travel pieces from The Daily Edited



Whether you’re enjoying a Winter getaway in New York or Sunbathing on Bali’s shores, head-wear is important, ladies – we’re talking beanies and sunhats, respectively. Not only are they appropriate for the weather, but they make a fashion statement too.

Personalised hats from Peppermint Rock


Whether your style is OTT or understated, taking a pair of earrings that compliment your look is a great way to accessorise on your honeymoon and complete your outfit. You can switch through different pairs depending on what you’re wearing, and they won’t get in the way of your itinerary like a dangling bracelet or heavy choker might.

Holiday-inspired earrings from 8 Other Reasons




Swimwear is a must when you’re honeymooning! We recommend a couple cozzies to get you through all the pool/beach-side life, depending on what type of girl you are. Plus, nothing says bridal like a white rashie from Une Piece. Maybe a kaftan on top for those Instagram photos. Yep, we’re looking out for you.

Honeymoon-ready swimsuits from Une Piece


You definitely need a beautiful collection of lingerie to take with you on your honeymoon! From delicate laces to silky briefs and everything in between, Porte-A-Vie is here for the sexy and stunning lingerie sets that you’ll confidently don on your honeymoon.

Engagement, Wedding, and Honeymoon lingerie from Porte-A-Vei



Again this depends on the weather – the sundress equivalent in Winter is your favourite coat or trench! A floral print with your signature sunnies and earrings is perfection on your honeymoon.

Holiday wear for every season at Forever New

Skirt or Flare Trousers

Any of these bottoms paired with your favourite shirt really ups the ante on a classic jeans and t-shirt look, which is exactly the holiday style you should be going for. Plus, they’re way more comfortable than jeans which is a win-win.


You need at least one evening outfit for those fancy dinner nights, period. You can be creative with this one depending on your personal flare! You might go for classic denim with pumps, an embellished pantsuit or an off-the-shoulder floor-length dress with a statement accessory.


Sneakers.Thongs.Espadriles.Sandals.Heels. One of each is plenty.

Winter edit: boots! One ankle length and OTK.


Make Up

Makeup is completely subjective when it comes to brides. Some prefer a fresh-face and others like a daily contour. Whichever you are, be sure to pack all your products along with sunscreen, insect repellent, important medication and remover wipes.

Melissa Sassine Cosmetics

Lash Lifts

Slash time off your makeup routine and stop fighting with the lash curler. Lash lifts are perfect for that natural enhancement to give more definition to your eyes. What’s more? They’re not irritating or invasive and you can coat your lashes with mascara whenever you like!

Cosmetic Ink Sydney have over ten years experience and say they are ideal for brides on their honeymoon!

Lash lifts, eyebrow tattoos, and more at Cosmetic Ink Sydney


This one is a pre-honeymoon tip to get that gorgeous glow going! We recommend the Face Plus Medispa Enzyme Facial which will leave your face hydrated, smooth and luminous!

Facial rejuvenation at FacePlus MediSpa


We all want that Colgate commercial style and now you can get one! Why not don some pearly whites as a newlywed on your honeymoon? We love the idea and we love Sparkling White Smile‘s results even more. Of all the things we’ve told you to pack, a smile is truly the most beautiful thing you can wear on your honeymoon! Cheesy, but fact.

Pearly Whites courtesy of Sparkling White Smile

Written by Shaymah Alkhair

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