Everything You Need To Know About Planning a Marquee Wedding

If you are thinking about getting married outdoors, or want to do something outside of the traditional wedding reception venues, a marquee is a brilliant idea. Marquee weddings have become a huge hit for weddings, particularly for couples who are after something low key and intimate, but want to also wow their wedding guests.

Take any outdoor area you like and capture that piece of paradise under one big marquee, filled with your closest friends and loved ones on your special day. Marquee weddings are a chance for couples to put their own personal touches and really create the space from the bottom up.

We’ve put together a list of things you need to know about a marquee wedding so without further or do, here you go Fairies.


A marquee may look luxurious and beautiful, but that all comes with a price! All the parts to build the marquee from the floor, to the ceiling will add up but can all be achieved on a budget. Consider finding a location that doesn’t require a floor to be installed which could save you some money to put towards other aspects of your special day.

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A Form Of Creativity

Make your special day even more memorable and personal by adding some DIY touches. The marquee is your canvas and you have the freedom to design it however you choose to. Pinterest is a bride’s best friend so get inspired and look up some ideas that suit your personal taste to put a spin on your wedding.

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If there is something that brides can’t control on their wedding day, it’s the weather! But hey, if it rains on your wedding day that’s a sign of good luck, as annoying as that can be. Being under a marquee, in a beautiful and picturesque location sets the vibe for the overall wedding and this is what it is all about. If the weather happens to be a letdown, it’s not a bad idea to hire a larger marquee space which will allow your guests to have more room and could also serve as your ceremony venue.

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Having Flexible Suppliers

It’s a team effort when it comes to planning and styling a wedding and we where would we be without such amazing and talented suppliers across the industry. From florists, to stylists and planner, to catering companies, it is really important to surround yourself with suppliers that are understanding of your vision and are flexible with last-minute changes. It’s key to work with suppliers that have worked with other suppliers in the industry so they can make the process for you stress free.

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And we’re not finished yet, we’ve got our top 3 style tips when it comes to planning the perfect Marquee Wedding:

There you have it Fairies, everything you need to know to plan the perfect marquee wedding. We can’t wait to see what magic you create for your special day!

Written By: Alessandra Fasanella

Feature Image By: Emma Latham

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