Everything Men Should Know When Buying An Engagement Ring

Choosing the perfect ring isn’t easy, we know. It’s all the more difficult when you decide to keep it as a surprise from your fiancée. And while we like the idea of gifting her an engagement ring when she’s none-the-wiser, having her input in the ring selection quest will make your job easier.

But whether it’s a surprise or a joint adventure, we’ve put together a handy guide for you to follow when you venture out into the world of engagement ring shopping, with some inspiration from the experts at Diamond World Fine Jewellery.

Know Your Budget

So, we know you want to spoil your love, and it makes sense that you’d want to get her a ring that’s as priceless as her. But let’s be real, we’re not all Bill Gates-level rich. Knowing your budget is extremely important, as no one really sticks to the age-old “three months’ salary” rule anymore.

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Consider setting a limit to how much you spend, starting a payment option with your jeweller, but most importantly, get familiar with the basics around rings – carats, cuts, gems. Knowing your ring settings and cuts can help you to take advantage of the ‘more is less’ rule (a more literal twist on the less is more) – a strategically cut ring may look bigger but cost less than a traditional ring.

Know Her Ring Size

While you might have a slight clue about what kind of ring she’s after, don’t bother hunting around until you know her ring size. If she knows you’re buying her a ring, ask her. If you’re trying to keep it a surprise, take a look at the jewellery she owns and use a paper and pencil to trace the inside of her other rings.

If you’re still unsure and she appears to be an in between size, then always size up. At least then if the ring is too big, you can get it made smaller. Otherwise she’ll struggle to shove the ring on her finger.

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Choose a Gem

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – most of the time. If your fiancée isn’t particularly fond of the traditional diamond, there are a wide range of other stones to choose from. From slightly more common stones like sapphires and rubies to more unconventional stones like onyx and aquamarine, discuss your options with your jeweller, keeping your budget in mind. Some gems also apply to the ‘more is less’ rule, with some gems like sapphires and rubies appearing bigger than standard diamonds but with less pressure on your budget.

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Choose a Shape

Hop onto Google and get to know your shapes. Of course, take a look at your fiancée’s other pieces of jewellery and see if you can figure out her style. If you’re trying to surprise her, try your best to ask her opinion on rings you see on social media or on celebrities. She might know what you’re trying to do, but she’ll play along anyway – she’s the one wearing the ring after all!

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Choose a Style

Is she an old-school romantic or a modern, tradition-breaker? Scrolling through jeweller Instagram accounts will help give you – and her – some ideas, and you might come across some new designs that you hadn’t thought of before. Take into account other attributes of your fiancée, like her clothing style and the way she decorates her place. Knowing her personal style will make choosing either a modern or tradition ring all the easier.

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