Fairies! We Found THE Best Way To Preserve Your Wedding Roses. Even If You Totally Suck At DIY

2017 was all about the Beauty & The Beast rose – treated with special solution and made to last for 365 days.

But this year we’ve stepped things up and discovered a preserved rose dipped in 24K gold, pure platinum or sterling silver, designed to last a lifetime. Literally eternity, if we’re being specific.

The Eternity Rose Company uses beautiful real roses grown locally by horticulturists in their nursery, freezes them at their peak, then glazes them in the precious metal of your choice. According to the Eternity Rose, this results in “The finest presents for her, made to last as long as your vows themselves.”

And if you thought pre-wedding gym sessions required commitment, then you have to feel for this green-thumb gang. “The whole process comprises 60 steps and takes around three months per preserved rose!  It will never corrode and doesn’t go out of style making this investment an amazing family heirloom,” says Eternity Rose’s horticulturalist.

If you want a wedding day memento that keeps as long as your memory, but don’t have the time (or the Etsy skills) to press your own flowers, then pick a preserved rose.

Or, if you can’t decide which bridesmaid should catch your bouquet, a preserved rose is also the perfect gift for all your bride tribe.

The Eternity Rose Company even do rose petal jewellery, and gift sets for men who aren’t afraid to wear their heart (or the symbol of love) on their sleeve.

And if you’ve already reached a milestone anniversary… Or know someone who has? Stop and smell the roses – and then pick up a preserved rose in the metal of choice corresponding to the length of the union. (25 years silver, 50 years gold, 75 years platinum).

Who said romance was dead? A true Fairy believes love never dies. And neither will your wedding rose if you preserve it in platinum.



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