es+elle’s Must-Have Checklist For Planning Your Wedding

So, you’ve just been proposed to by the man of your dreams. While you may be basking in newly-engaged bliss, it’s important to remember that there’s no time to waste. You have a wedding to plan and only a limited amount of time.

Realising that brides need all the help they can get, es+elle have created the Bridal Bible – a personalised diary that takes brides through every step of their wedding planning journey.

We asked Stephanie and Lisa, the duo behind our favourite new wedding planner, all about everything brides should know – and check off their list – when it comes to planning a wedding.

What Tips Do You Have For Brides In The Planning Stage?

“Get as much done as you can to start with because the last few weeks will be very busy,” says the duo, who stress the importance of being organised.

This includes putting together a guest list first and foremost, making sure to use full names and addresses. By sorting this out before anything else, you’ll find it easier to determine things like venue and overall budget.

They also suggest figuring out a clear theme before you begin attending appointments, making use of a mood board and the same descriptive language to convey to each supplier exactly what you want to achieve.

You’ll also need to sort out extra details, as some suppliers may have limitations to what you can and can’t do.

“Make phone calls to inquire if venues allow wedding photography so you don’t waste any precious time being told there is an expensive fee or that the venue does not allow you to do so.”

What Essentials Should a Bride Have With Her On Her Wedding Day?

Luckily for brides-to-be, The Bridal Bible has a whole page dedicated to a Bridal Emergency Kit and it’s packed with all the bits and bobs every bride needs (but might not remember to pack).

As for the absolute essentials, Stephanie and Lisa have a few. Makeup is a must, including lipstick, powder, and foundation as “you will be getting lots of kisses and hugs.”

You’ll be feeling peckish throughout the day and might not find a moment to eat before the reception, so packing snacks for the car is a must, as well as some champagne to celebrate.

Of course, you’ll need to have a change of shoes on stand by for when your feet need a break from your heels.

What’s Something Many Brides Forget About When Planning a Wedding?

Small details often get pushed to the back of your mind when it comes to planning a big wedding. Of the little things, Stephanie and Lisa have a few ideas.

“Something to place the service cards​ or ceremony booklets​ in at the ceremony, and to remember to ask someone to hand them out​,” they advise. “Also, individual menus may seem like an amazing idea, but if you’re having individual antipasto or canapes plates you will not have any room for them.”

You’ll also need to provide a family photo list to your photographer – which you’ll easily find on page 67 of the Bridal Bible – to ensure that you capture every special moment.

And finally, “leave your maiden name on your passport until after your honeymoon.”

What Was It Like To Plan Your Own Weddings?

While Stephanie was grateful for the Bridal Bible when she tied the knot on March 3rd, Lisa says that she “wished she had something so helpful a few years ago” when she got married.

“It was a fun experience and we loved the planning process. We are both very organised ladies and get a real thrill out of ticking things off our to-do lists,” they said of their own weddings.

The duo realised that “the key” was being organised and having a guide, especially as “they were both weddings with big ethnic families which meant over 250 guests at each.”

Of her own special day, Stephanie says that she “didn’t sweat the small stuff” as she was marrying the man of her dreams and was surrounded by loved ones.

What Are The Best and Worst Parts Of Planning A Wedding?

“The best part is seeing everything come together on the wedding day and knowing that all it was all worth it.”

Family and friends also make up the best part of the day, with two agreeing that “realising how patient your groom can be and having an excuse to spend time with your bridesmaids” top the list.

Although it isn’t all light moments, as they admit that the process can be “overwhelming and stressful,” especially as you try and keep everyone happy. It’s also important to “let go of your inner control freak” when it comes to things like your bridal shower and hens party.

Despite this, nothing compares to the “overwhelming feeling of love and support you feel on the day itself and the events leading up – you just don’t want the day to end.”

Can You Tell Us What’s Next For es+elle?

With more and more brides wanting a Bridal Bible of their own, es+elle have launched a new shade in their collection, with a limited edition Black Bridal Bible now available from their online shop – perfect for a bride with “a little edge.”

The team are also working on launching a range of personalised stationary items, which organised brides will love to get their hands on.

What Are Some Do’s and Don’t’s That You’ve Learned From Your Own Weddings?

Do “stay at the ceremony venue for family photos – it can take a lot of time moving so many people to another location,” but Don’t “worry too much about where you put guests around the table – they’ll move the tags around anyway.”

Do “tell your photographer exactly what type of photos you want so you can get the best snaps possible,” and “make sure you have a timeline of the day written down and do your best to stick to it,” but Don’t “get too caught up in the little details” and “don’t let anything worry you, even if your mum burns a small hole in your flower girl dress or your ceremony music doesn’t want to play. Your day will still be amazing!”

At the end of the day, the most important thing to do is “remember the day is about celebrating – laugh, smile, eat, drink, dance, talk, kiss and do all the things that make you happy. Everyone is there to celebrate you!”

You can purchase es+elle’s Bridal Bridal from their website, or discover more from the brand on Instagram.

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