Erin Holland Opens Up About Her Coastal Wedding

Bride-to-be and Wedded World 2019 host Erin Holland chats to Wedded Wonderland about her upcoming wedding to cricketer beau Ben Cutting, her bridal gown and how she’s prepping her skin for the big day!

Wedded Wonderland: What are you looking forward to organising most for your big day?

Erin Holland: I think I am probably most excited to start the wedding dress process, trying on a million different dresses trying to get an idea of what I want. As someone who is fortunate enough to get to dress up for work regularly, I am scared it will be difficult to find something that feels different and special enough for such a momentous occasion.

WW: Do you already know what style of wedding dress you want to go for?

Erin: I have a few ideas in mind. And of course they are all completely different [laughs]. I want it to be extravagant, yet timeless and chic. I don’t want to look back at my photos in five, 10, 20 years time and wonder what I was thinking. I look forward to seeing what Donny Galella and the designer have in mind for the big day.

WW: Do you have a theme for your wedding in mind?

Erin: Ben and I are definitely beachy people. We have only ever holiday’d at the beach, and we got engaged at the beach. Wherever we have it, it will definitely be coastal and warm.

WW: What is the one must-have you want on your wedding day?

Erin: I know it’s next to impossible, given how busy everyone’s lives are these days, but I truly hope everyone important to me can make it. Ben and I are blessed to have incredible friends and family in our lives, and I would love nothing more than everyone to be magically free and able to make it on the day!

WW: How do you plan on prepping your skin for the big day?

Erin: I have just started the wedding skin journey with Jocelyn Petroni, the skin queen! I am currently on a two month treatment course focusing on Omnilux, peels and hydration. I fly a lot for work so I suffer from dry skin at the best of times. Once that’s over, JP is going to specifically tailor a Wedding Skin program for me! Exciting! 

Congratulations again to Erin and Ben. We can’t wait to see her as a bride!

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