Engagement Ring Trend Predictions for 2018

Can you believe we’re so far through the year already? 2017 has gone so fast, and it won’t be long at all until it’s the new year. That means it’s time to think ahead and try and predict some 2018 engagement ring trends!

Engagement ring shopping can be overwhelming. On the one hand, you want to pick out a rock that is timeless and classic, but on the other hand, style trends really do influence what’s out there – and it’s always nice to be on trend! So how can you predict what will be hot and what will be … not?

We’d put good money on stacked rings becoming more and more popular, and think we’re going to see a rise in coloured gemstones and diamonds with inclusions or colour variations. If we’re talking men’s rings, then we think we’re going to see more and more men picking out beautiful statement rings that make a great first impression, like this Yellow Quatrro ring for men who like to make a statement while still keeping things classic, or this Karisdo ring for guys who like to show off their style.

Image via Armans

Of course, we’re just guessing here. Luckily for us, we’ve got Armans Fine Jewellery to share some tips and tricks with us. Because who better to talk rings than the experts themselves? Owner Aris Arzumanian definitely has some winning ideas as to what we can expect in 2018. The Sydney-based diamantaire is betting good money we’ll step away from the oval-shaped cuts that have been so popular in 2017, and see a rise in radiant cut rings.

“The next style I personally think that will be huge in 2018 is the radiant cut,” Arzumanian says. “It has an exceptional unique luster that is unmatched with any fancy-cut diamond other than the round diamond itself. It is currently being asked for a lot more frequently than it ever was! Meaning more people know about it.”

Image via Armans

There you have it! If you’re engagement ring shopping and in the market for something that’s beautiful, unique and ahead of the pack, maybe a radiant cut ring is in your future. (And don’t forget of course that Armans Jewellery can work with you to create stunning custom rings that are truly one of a kind!) What about you – what do you think is going to be the next big thing in rings next year?

Written by Alison Donnellan

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