Elie Saab ‘The Designer Of Our Generation’

We have all been devouring Elie Saab’s incredible gowns for years. We’re keen to explore how he has influenced wedding dresses for our generation. 

Elie Saab is a world-renowned fashion designer, known for his exquisite creations that have captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike. His work has earned him the title of “designer of a generation,” and he has become a household name in the fashion industry. In this response, we will explore the reasons why Elie Saab is considered a designer of a generation and his influence on wedding dresses, particularly couture wedding dresses. Elie Saab has dressed some of the world’s most famous celebrities and royal families. A-Listers Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, Julia Roberts, and Jennifer Lopez to name a few. 

Princess Stéphanie of Luxembourg in a custom-made Elie Saab gown.
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Elie Saab’s designs are renowned for their timeless elegance and intricate detailing, which have made him a popular choice for brides looking for a couture wedding dress. His designs are reflective of his Lebanese heritage, where fashion is reflective of life, of art, of history and of culture. His influence on wedding dresses can be seen in the way he blends traditional silhouettes with modern fabrics and embellishments to create a look that is both classic and contemporary. He has also been known to experiment with different textures, such as lace, tulle, and organza, to create stunning and unique designs that stand out from the crowd. Beauty and femininity are at the center of Elie Saab’s designs. 

Elie Saab designed the most gorgeous wedding dress for his daughter-in-law.
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One of the key aspects that sets Elie Saab’s brand apart is his attention to detail. He is known for his meticulous approach to design, which involves hand-sewing and hand-beading every garment to ensure that it is of the highest quality. This dedication to craftsmanship has made his brand a byword for luxury, and his designs have become synonymous with haute couture.

Jessica Azar in this stunning Elie Saab wedding gown.
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The Elie Saab house has established itself as a luxury brand with couture and design at the heart. The brand is now available at over 160 international stockists including Saks Fifth Avenue, Harrods and Net-A-Porter. With a direct to consumer site, customers from all around the world can now access the brand directly. 

Cérina Al Sahely’s stunning gown by Elie Saab.
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Elie Saab knows Women! Another factor that has contributed to Elie Saab’s influence on wedding dresses is his ability to create garments that flatter the female form. He understands the importance of creating dresses that fit well and accentuate a woman’s natural beauty. His designs are often structured to create a sleek and elegant silhouette, and he uses strategic embellishments to draw attention to the parts of the body that his clients are most proud of. 

Rose Leslie looking absolutely gorgeous in her wedding gown.
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Wedded Wonderland CEO, Wendy El-Khoury says, ‘We have seen luxury shift focus in recent years, maintaining service whilst reaching more audiences, we anticipate the Elie Saab brand to continue exploring the online and bricks-and-mortar paradigm to budding brides and clients from all over the world’.

Elie Saab’s influence on wedding dresses, particularly couture wedding dresses, cannot be overstated. His exquisite designs and meticulous attention to detail have set a new standard for luxury fashion. His ability to create garments that flatter the female form has made him a popular choice for brides who want to feel beautiful and confident on their wedding day. As such, Elie Saab will continue to be a designer of a generation for years to come, inspiring new generations of fashion designers to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation

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