Elevating Couple Honeymoon Outfits Beyond Being Cheesy

A nice and relaxing honeymoon is what every exhausted bride needs, but the outfits are what spice up the trip! Jet off on the trip of a lifetime in unique outfits that celebrate you, your other half and the future of your dreams. No matter where you go, you’ll always want a picture-perfect outfit with your new husband, so why not organise matching honeymoon outfits! Matching outfits can be a fun way to show off your newlywed status and make for some adorable photos. Here are ways you can get that aesthetic and matching outfit picture without looking too cheesy.

Level 1: Matching Shoes

Matching honeymoon shoes. Coordinating your footwear with your partner can be a subtle yet stylish way to match your outfits. Whether it’s a pair of classic white sneakers or matching sandals for a beach destination, matching shoes can tie your looks together without being over the top. 

Plus, it makes for adorable honeymoon photos that you’ll cherish for years to come. Matching shoes is the least amount of matching—being subtle but still having the element in the outfit that ties them both together! Imagine matching red bottoms with classy black dresses and black and white suits. Stunning.

Elevating Couple Honeymoon Outfits Beyond Being Cheesy
Image by Instagram.com/louboutinworld

Level 2: Colour Matching and Coordination

If full outfit matching is too much for you, colour coordination is a step-down. You can coordinate by wearing complementary colours or even matching coloured accessories, like a tie that matches your partner’s dress. Even matching your bag colour to your husband’s top or jacket. The key is to find a balance between being too matchy-matchy and not coordinating at all.

Elevating Couple Honeymoon Outfits Beyond Being Cheesy
Image by Instagram.com/cj_photo_works

This way, you’ll still look like a put-together couple on their honeymoon, without being too over-the-top with matching outfits. It shows that you also have an eye for detail. Remember, the key is to have fun and feel confident in what you’re wearing! Still need help with inspiration? Below is some photo inspiration for colours that would be stunning to match your vacation outfits.

Elevating Couple Honeymoon Outfits Beyond Being Cheesy
Image by Instagram.com/thefashioncoupleofficial_

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny are an example of matching their outfits together, confirming their relationship status via the Gucci campaign – they’ve been slaying the couple’s fits. They were a perfect Celeb example of accessory colour coordinating, since their look at the Gucci Spring/Summer runway show in Milan – with Kendall wearing a khaki trench coat dress while Bunny matches the khaki with his tan beanie!

Elevating Couple Honeymoon Outfits Beyond Being Cheesy
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They might not be together anymore but we still are obsessed with their cute outfit matching!

Elevating Couple Honeymoon Outfits Beyond Being Cheesy

Level 3: Piece matching! Or The Full Match

If you’re feeling bold, go for the full match with your partner on your honeymoon. This involves wearing the exact same outfit or pieces, creating a cohesive and synchronised look. This level of coordination is sure to turn heads, get compliments, and make a statement wherever you go while cruising about on your honeymoon. Whether you choose to coordinate with your partner or not, the most important thing is to have fun and feel confident in your vacation outfits.

Throwback to 2022, Billie Eilish and her partner at the time Jessie Rutherford were seen wearing matching Gucci “sleepwear” inspired outfits on the red carpet – now this would be so cute as a matching pj set for your honeymoon vacation, wouldn’t it?

Elevating Couple Honeymoon Outfits Beyond Being Cheesy

As you plan your honeymoon wardrobe, drawing inspiration from Billie Eilish and Jessie Rutherford’s coordinated Gucci ‘sleepwear’ ensembles from 2022 can add a touch of celebrity flair to your romantic getaway. Remember to also consider the location and activities you’ll be doing to ensure your matching outfits are practical as well as stylish. Need some matching vacation outfit inspiration for you and your love? Here’s some photo inspiration for sets that are sure to help you!

Elevating Couple Honeymoon Outfits Beyond Being Cheesy
Image by Instagram.com/rijamujahid

Elevating Couple Honeymoon Outfits Beyond Being Cheesy
Image by Instagram.com/thefashioncoupleofficial_
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Just last year, Simone Biles and her hubby Jonathan Owens celebrated their wedding weekend in matching swimwear! Gucci is a perfect look for both of them, and their stylish choice should hopefully inspire your own shopping!

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Image by Instagram.com/simonebiles

Where to buy these cute outfits!

There are many places where men can get their simple outfits – but it’s hard for us girls to find unique honeymoon vacation outfits. But don’t worry Faries, we have got some stores for you to browse and buy! Any excuse to go shopping for a new style am I right.

Girls with Gems is a luxury boutique that offers personalised styling sessions and a curated collection of high-end Australian and international designers. The boutique features a wide range of clothing, shoes, and accessories, perfect for a honeymoon vacation overseas! From matching swimwear colours to your dream bag (which you can just colour coordinate with hubbyđź‘€) Girls with Gems has even launched a Europe campaign, selling some gorgeous pieces from swimsuits to coverups to cute co-ord sets. You have to check it out!

Elevating Couple Honeymoon Outfits Beyond Being Cheesy
Image by girlswithgems.com

The other boutique to shop for cute matching vacation outfits is White Runway, even though they sell mostly formal and bridal dresses – White runway has the white wardrobe you will love with elegant, flowy or mini honeymoon dresses. Their acessory selection will even spice up any plain outfit that you have to match with your partner. Making any outfit picture perfect for a fancy night out to celebrate you and your hubby!

Elevating Couple Honeymoon Outfits Beyond Being Cheesy
Image by whiterunway.com.au


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