How To Achieve The Perfect Wave For Your Hair

Is there anything more desirable than long, gorgeous beach waves? We think not. So to help you achieve the perfect waves, we asked Kacie from luxury hair salon, Mark Gardner Menai, to give us tips and tricks for achieving the perfect beach waves.

Prep and Prime Time

To begin with Kacie says to shampoo and condition the hair so as to “not weigh the hair down.” She recommends the product Hydrate Sheer from Pureology. Next is to towel dry your hair and to use a hair primer. Hair primer’s help protect your hair from heat styling, condition it and is perfect for waves as they help make the style last a whole lot longer. Kacie recommends Redken Pillow Proof Express primer spray. She says, “This product cuts drying time, gives heat protection and primes the hair for styling.”

Blow Dry and Part

“Blowdry hair smooth until 100% dry, then section hair in 3 sections (ear to ear then straight through middle).”


Now for the fun part. To style your hair, Kacie recommends to start around the face and to “take 2cm horizontal sections using the GHD Gold Classic Styler and curling away from the face.” If you want to take your waves from glamour to beach waves, Kacie recommends to straighten just the very tips of the hair. “This changes the curl from a glamour wave to a beach wave,” says Kacie. After completing the whole head, leave to cool for at least five minutes.

Final Touches

To finish with, Kacie says to take a wide tooth comb and to “rake/comb the hair throughout until you can see the shape starting to take place. Finish with Redken forceful 23 super strength hairspray and shine flash 02 glistening mist. For a more textured finished, you can add wind blown 05 dry finishing spray.”

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