Easter Traditions From Around the World

Easter, a deeply-rooted Christian celebration, is commemorated with diverse customs and practices worldwide. While the central tenet of the holiday remains consistent – the glorification of Jesus Christ’s resurrection – the surrounding rituals exhibit intriguing regional variances. Within this editorial, we delve into the distinctive Easter traditions observed in Greece, Italy, Vietnam, Lebanon, Australia, the USA, Mexico, and beyond.


Greece crimson red eggs to celebrate Easter.
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In Greece, Easter reigns as the quintessential holiday of the year. Commencing on Palm Sunday, locals adorn their homes and religious sites with vibrant palm leaves. Come Holy Thursday, the customary crimson eggs are hued and consumed as a poignant tribute to the blood of Jesus Christ. Good Friday marks a day of somber reflection, while a stirring procession transpires in the evening. On Holy Saturday, the Resurrection Service takes center stage, followed by a veritable feast fit for the gods.


Procession in Easter Traditions in Italy.
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In Italy, Easter festivities are a medley of customs and practices. Come Good Friday, locals partake in the solemn Via Crucis, a poignant procession that enacts the Stations of the Cross. Easter Sunday heralds a decadent Italian breakfast spread, replete with sumptuous sweet breads and cakes. Additionally, myriad regions honor the occasion with flamboyant parades and theatrical reenactments of the Resurrection.


Vietnam Easter traditions include a banquet to honor the occasion.
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In Vietnam, the Catholic minority celebrates Easter with a cultural infusion inspired by French and Spanish Catholicism. Good Friday beckons the faithful to attend Mass and prayerfully traverse the Stations of the Cross. Easter Sunday sees the community gathering for Mass, culminating in a cherished family banquet to honor the occasion.


Lebanon Easter traditions include lighting of candles.
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Lebanon commemorates Easter with devout reverence amongst the Maronite, Melkite and Orthodox Christian communities, centering on the Resurrection. Holy Saturday commences with the lighting of candles and the congregation converging for midnight Mass. Easter Sunday is a time of family unity, where loved ones partake in a grand feast, relishing in delectable Lebanese fare that embodies the spirit of the occasion.


Hot cross buns as part of Australian Easter.
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In Australia, Easter customs are an amalgamation of both secular and religious practices. One of the most beloved pastimes is the Easter egg hunt, where children joyously search for chocolate eggs, scattered in their homes or local areas. Additionally, hot cross buns, with their distinct spiced flavors and iconic cross topping, stand as a traditional Easter delicacy that evokes nostalgia for the occasion.


Classic easter egg hunt to celebrate Easter in the USA.
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In the USA, Easter customs showcase an enthralling fusion of secular and religious traditions. Attending church services on Easter Sunday remains a sacred practice for many, while families partake in lavish feasts that typically feature succulent ham or lamb as the centerpiece. Furthermore, the playful delights of Easter egg hunts and the whimsical Easter Bunny continue to captivate the hearts of both the young and the young-at-heart.


Easter in Spain.
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Mexico heralds Easter with a dazzling week-long fiesta known as Semana Santa. Each day of the festival highlights a unique aspect of the occasion, with Good Friday designated for solemn reflection and mourning. On Easter Sunday, the community unites for a grand feast that is nothing short of spectacular. As the festivities draw to a close, the sky erupts into a riot of colorful fireworks, symbolizing the triumph of the Resurrection.


Processions to commemorate Easter in Spain.
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Easter, known as “Semana Santa,” is one of the most significant religious festivals in Spain. The week-long celebration involves a series of captivating processions, featuring intricately decorated floats and solemn marchers dressed in traditional attire. The parades are accompanied by haunting music and the scent of incense wafting through the air. Each city and town has its own unique customs and traditions, making every Semana Santa experience in Spain an unforgettable one.

Easter, a globally celebrated holiday, is steeped in rich customs and traditions that are unique to each country. From Greece’s symbolic red eggs and Italy’s poignant Via Crucis to Mexico’s grand Semana Santa, the world overflows with captivating celebrations that honor the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through immersing ourselves in the diverse tapestry of Easter customs, we can gain a deeper insight into the myriad ways in which humanity reveres this profound occasion.

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