Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Wedding Speech

It’s that time of year again.. Wedding season! But, wouldn’t that be every season?

Public speaking is one of the scariest things we encounter in our lives. And especially at Weddings. If you are a 21st century Groom, we are here to help you out with some crucial do’s and don’ts for writing and performing that wedding speech.

Men, shape up your skills with our top dos and don’ts!


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Do’s for writing a Wedding speech

When writing your Wedding speech, start with a bang!

It could be a great catchy opener or joke, just make sure to say an appropriate one. Your speech needs to be about the happy couple; every guest wants to hear about how you met and not about that time you and your buddy went fishing.

A good speech is a story with a beginning, middle, and ending. Also, short and sweet is better. It’s always pleasing to leave the crowd wanting more. We suggest a five minute speech is ideal.

A Groom can always rehearse it in front of a friend, and take their advice when needed. Printed cards or just handwritten works fine with us.

Don’t forget the audience. Give thanks to the people who showed up, your family, friends, even those who have travelled far. Our final tip is to shine, as yourself!


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Don’ts for writing a Wedding speech

Our number one rule? Don’t curse! Even if you’re known for it.

Try to stay professional on your special day, so we propose never to be drunk or tipsy before your speech. One drink is acceptable before and after you’ve toasted to your happy future.

Never blurt out words from your mouth. Women do love when men are spontaneous but not when it comes to this. Try and make them cry tears of happiness when you read a fully structured speech.

We ask that you don’t memorise what you’ve written. Yes, you can practice it, but you don’t want to risk sounding stiff and lifeless.

And lastly, don’t just throw in ‘lovey dovey’ adages. What you write in your speech has to mean something!


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