We’ve all seen the happy couple who’ve, over the years, gained a few extra kilos; but did you know researchers have now proven that being in love really does makes you fatter?

The American Psychological Association studied 169 newly-married couples over four years and calculated their health changes throughout the time (including weight, height, relationship satisfaction, stress levels, etc) and they found that couples in a happy relationship tended to experience weight gain.

Now before you put down the Nutella cronut, relax; the weight gain is likely to be only a kilo or two over a four-year period and the main reason it happens is because couples get comfortable and secure with each other. In other words, they let themselves go!

The best way to minimise your chances of putting on the weight is to do some physical activity with your boo. Whether it be joining a local sporting team, buying a membership at the gym, or simply doing a one-hour walk every night, you’ll both be better off for it (plus it’s a great excuse to splurge on that cute gym outfit you’ve been eyeing off).

Main images of The Bachelor winners who’ve obviously managed to ward off the kilos despite being in love! Sourced from @mrtimrobards and Woman’s Days.

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