The big question. Are you engaged if you don’t have a ring?

Really, no one’s even sure when the engagement ring started so there’s a little flexibility here! Most people think that tradition goes all the way back to Ancient Egypt or Greece. No matter what though, it’s definitely a thing now! For the modern girl, the engagement ring is certainly a big thing  . After all, ring selfies have taken over social media!

So, rings are important and we know that. The commitment of engagement is signified by a ring, but in our minds? Without a ring you are most definitely still engaged.

Some guys propose without a ring and hand over that oh so difficult task of finding the perfect engagement ring to their significant other. A woman’s work is never done right?

But this doesn’t mean you’re not engaged or somehow less engaged without that ring. It just means it’s time to go shopping! Together, you can find the perfect ring and move onto the more important task of planning the wedding!

But for the traditional guys out there? If you feel like you need a ring to seal the deal and you can’t afford it or just don’t know what to pick, there is a solution. Find something cheap from Equip or Lovisa and propose with that. It will give her the chance to pick out the ring she’s always wanted and buy you some more time to start saving!

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