Like any contract, the contracts you sign with your Wedding suppliers, including venue, photographer and dress designer, are all legally binding – yet, so many Brides sign it without asking questions or reading the fine print!

We put it down to a combination of nerves and excitement; you’ve just managed to book your dream Wedding planner, so you want to lock them in straight away. However, it’s essential to take the time and make sure you understand EXACTLY what you’re signing up for before you put pen to paper.

Here are five things you need to do!

1. Clarify the $$$

Before you sign the contract or pay a deposit, make sure you read the fine print and have a clear understanding on the final figure that you’ll be paying. Some vendors may charge GST (extra 10%) and travel fees which can add hundreds of dollars in hidden costs to your budget.

2. Know Who is Who

One of the big assumptions that Brides make is assuming that just because they’ve booked a certain business, that they’ll have the main or principal supplier at their Wedding. Look through the contract and double check with the vendor which person they’ll be sending to cover your Wedding – that way you won’t get any nasty surprises if a junior shows up on the Wedding Day!


3. Do They Have a Plan B?

Does your vendor have insurance or a back-up plan in case there’s some sort of accident or emergency that prevents them from being there on your Wedding Day? Check with them what would happen if they fall ill, or can’t fulfill their side of the bargain so that you’re not left high and dry.

4. What about a Refund?

You’ll generally be required to pay a deposit in order to secure your supplier for your Wedding, but before you transfer the money, check whether it is refundable if you change your mind. If it’s a non-refundable deposit (which it is in most cases), make sure your heart is 100% set on this supplier before you pay.

5. Are you Getting Extras?

If you’re getting any extras as part of your agreement with your vendor, make sure that it’s included in the contract or you’ve at least got it in writing somewhere. You never know what can happen and you might find your vendor ‘forgets’ promising you anything more than what is listed in the contract.


Main image from Adela and Ramzey’s Wedding. Photography by The White Tree.

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