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“So, who’s the Maid of Honour?!”

It’s a question that all to-be brides are asked once the proposal is done and although many gals already know who they want as their best woman,  just as many struggle to make the decision – especially if they’ve got more than bestie!

If it comes down to two friends and you can’t decide between them, there is another option. Don’t have a MoH at all.

Although it may seem blasphemous to suggest such a thing to some, to others it’s a huge weight off their shoulders. Because when it boils down to it, what exactly does the MoH do that no group can do together?


Image from Stephanie and Nathan’s wedding. Photography by Sugarlove Weddings.

Traditionally, a Maid of Honour has the following ‘to-dos’:

Have you ever thought how much quicker and more effective each of the above tasks would be done if you were relying on your entire #GirlSqaud instead of just one person?

Tradition has led us to believe that we all must have one person to lean on. Yet, if anything, having more than one person to support you is a liberty that all brides should take in their stride. Dumping all of your responsibilities to one single person can be as stressful on the bridesmaid as it is on the bride. If you can distribute it between your fellow bridesmaids, they can bear the weight together.

So for those not comfortable with making that ultimate MoH decision, there is always this other option. Don’t feel compelled to choose between friends and enjoy having a busy hive of bridesmaids working together to relieve your stresses, after all that’s why they’re your BFFs.


Image from Kelly and David’s wedding. Photography by Yeesom Lo.

Image from Kristen and Nicklaus’ wedding. Photography by Karina Jensen.

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