Destination Weddings are on the rise and we are here for it! 

We know most couples dream of a destination wedding, and if you’re engaged and wondering what options are out there for you, we’re here to break it down! 

So… you’re probably scrolling through Instagram or TikTok and saving INCREDIBLE weddings, right? From Turkey to Dubai, India to Croatia you’re wow’d at the type of weddings taking place, the experience for the couple and their guests, the magnitude of memories being made. 

Let’s give you a little insight into the growth and popularity of destination weddings, and things you need to consider when planning one.

Source: The Lake Como Wedding Planner

Well, social media has heavily influenced the destination wedding market and reports have revealed that online media outlets have been key drivers in the growth of these international extravaganza’s. 2022 has seen a trend of cultural integration and social media users are contributing to the growing popularity of global content, therefore stimulating the foreign wedding frenzy.

Yahoo’s finance’s 2022 recent global market report showcased that the global destination wedding market is expected to grow to $64.01 billion in 2026 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR). With these figures on the rise, every 1 out of 4 couples are now deciding on destination weddings, primarily in the America region.

Couples are exchanging classic cathedrals for lakeside ceremonies in Lake Como and are opting for more eco-friendly wedding environments. The international wedding market provides an array of incredible unique, sustainable and natural locations for soon-to-be married couples wanting to create an immersive environment experience for their wedding guests.

Here are the top 10 regions for Destination Weddings in 2022!

  1. India
  2. Italy
  3. Turkey
  4. Nigeria 
  5. France
  6. Greece
  7. Morocco
  8. Maldives
  9. Hawaii
  10. Portugal

From some of the world’s biggest cities to secluded tropical islands, there are destinations worldwide which cater to anything and everything a couple can dream of. 

 Money.Co have compiled a list of popular destination wedding venues and locations on the rise in 2023. From the world’s most popular wedding venues to country specific destinations, you’ll find the perfect hotels, manors and resorts to host your special day. 

If you’re wanting to start planning your Destination Wedding, here’s some tips and tricks!

  1. Choose your location first! Narrow your options down by the resources each venue provides and how well they meet your bridal wants and needs.
  2. Create a mood board or destination wedding diary to visualize and note down potential ideas, themes or inspiration.
  3. Check the marriage laws and requirements of the country you wish to be wed in, just to make sure your marriage is legitimate hahah.
  4. Keep your budget in mind when making pivotal wedding decisions, double check the currency you’re negotiating costs in to avoid expensive surprises
  5. Have a cheeky instagram stalk on the location to see the versatility of the space and follow trending wedding hashtags to see what’s been done and what hasn’t. Obviously we all want to be the first to do things, but sometimes it’s easier to take inspiration from others and make it your own. 
  6. Select a date which is in alignment with your desired season and monitor the weather to limit unexpected climate conditions.
  7. Communicate with local/global vendors and suppliers to ensure that your vision can be brought to life and the impossible is possible.
  8. Invest in travel/ wedding insurance. No matter the circumstances, we must always prepare for the worst! 
  9. Indulge in the country’s traditions and cultures to enhance your experience and to ensure that you’re traveling to a place with respect. 
  10. Research local accommodation and transportation services to suggest to your guests if your venue doesn’t provide accommodation. If you want them to make it on time for your aisle walk, then this could help in preparation for the big day. 
  11. Don’t overpack, bear in mind that you’ll already be over the baggage weight restrictions when traveling with your 10kg dress, so only pack the necessities. 
  12. Send out save the dates well in advance so attendees can validate their passports and cash in their annual leave.
  13. Create a wedding hashtag or TikTok series to document your journey and take people along the experience leading up to your big day.
  14. Book your honeymoon close by to get two trips for the price of one! 
  15. Treat yourself to a wine every time you get stressed. Trust us, it helps!

2023 and beyond, what do we project will take place?

Hehe…We’ve taken a trip to the future and it’s extra exciting. In 2023, we’re looking at EXPERIENCE! 

The future embraces full sensory engagement. We can taste the fresh seafood from the shores of Amalfi, hear the mariachi bands in Cabo, smell the Tuscan poppies and feel the handmade rugs in Turkey. Oops… and see everything on social! Couples are going to be jet setting all across the globe and guests will be flying along to capture these unique forever memories.

Destination weddings will always be desired but in 2023 they will become the norm. Get your passports ready to be stamped all over and start collecting those flyer points.

You’re welcome, we’ve done the research for you! Find your desirable destination and start planning your dream wedding before someone steals your wedding stage!

Source: The Paris Officiant

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